Saturday, November 24, 2007

We ventured out :)

Today we ventured out into the markets a bit. None of us are big shoppers, and I am really bad at bargaining, but we wanted a few things for the kids, and to remember India by (not that Max isn't enough) :)
Couldn't pass up the reminder of Max (Rup)

I didn't get any very good pictures from the street which I'm disappointed about. The colors of fabric, and wall hangings, and the people are gorgeous. Dan found a musical instrument shop and had a wonderful time talking with the gentleman who runs it. He bought 3 instruments and was so excited about them. The owner joked that he could put on a concert. Mom and I each bought a salwar kameez - she got hers for less than half of what I paid for mine - again, not so good with the bargaining. We found beautiful outfits for all four kiddos, and shopped around for the best deal on those. We spent a bit of time in this shop and wished that the gentleman could have been our personal tour guide. He did ot pressure us, was so helpful, friendly, and just wonderful in general. He was also very handsome ;) I cannot wait to see this kids in these gorgeous outfits. The material and colors are just beautiful.

Next we went to the Ghandi memorial. What a peaceful, place. We took a lot of time reading about the history of India's Independence movement, and just soaking up the atmosphere of serenity.

I would love to hand cards with this quote out at work.

We came back to the hotel and had a fine Indian meal at the hotel restaurant, and came up to go to bed early. Before we fell asleep there was a parade outside the hotel. There were lots of drums, a horsedrawn carriage, and lights all over the place. We think it is in relation to a wedding taking place in the hotel. I was asleep by 7:30pm . . .

And awake at 10:30pm. There were fireworks that went on for literally hours. Peeking out our window we could see that the president's house was all lit up with white lights and the fireworks were right over the building. After a bit of research we figured out that it was for the finale of India's equivalent of "American Idol." What a celebration. I can still hear people and the fireworks just stopped about 15 minutes ago.

For Dad - Mom is snoring so loud right now that I can't get back to sleep! :) She's gonna kill me for posting that. Also, I wish this last picture had come out better. It is this huge elaborate set up/playground with burrows, and tunnels, and such filled with rabbits. We thought it might give you some ideas for your own fluffy bunnies ;)


Tara said...

I can't wait to see the outfits- I am sure they are absolutely beautiful. The celebration sounds like it was spectacular-- sleep is over rated ;). Can't wait to hear more about your journey and see the pictures! Max is only a few days away from meeting one of the best families. Thinking of you guys and missed your smiley face at shift change. :)

Karen said...

Hi Kristy! This is the first time I've had web access since Tuesday, so I got all your great news at once! I'm so glad you made it safe & sound. Sounds like you're having a wonderful adventure. Can't wait to see the rest of your trip unfold! We're thinking of you!!


Julie & Patrick said...

Wow, another day of exciting adventures! I'm not a shopper either, but it sounds like you did just fine. Can't wait to hear more news!

They're coming for you Max!!


Mom and Dad said...

Hi Kristy and Dan - We checked the blog first thing this morning and were very glad to hear about your travels and that you are safe and sound. Maddie and Myles are great! We enjoyed them so much we did not want to take them to Dawn... They napped, ate, slept, played, and enjoyed their cousins. We went to the big globe in Yarmouth (DeLorme) and checked out India. The kids were impressed but soon decided they wanted to ride the elevator and run around! Take care and we look forward to more news and meeting Max! Love, Mom and Dad

Missy and Paul said...

Hi Kristy and Dan,

We're thrilled that you are finally in India, and are taking in the sights before the big day. We had a blast with Maddie and Myles this weekend, as did the kids of course. You'll have to ask Maddie about "magical dragons" and scavenger hunts! :) We had them read your earlier post this morning and hear your message to them. They loved hearing from you, and can't wait to meet Max! We are thinking of you guys and will be checking back again soon.
Missy and Paul

Marleina said...

Wow, no time wasted in getting to Max! I hope you are having a wonderful time and things continue to go smoothly. I'll be thinking of you guys!