Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Favorite Recent Pics

The little boys first day of school

Maddie and Auri on a winter walk

Maddie on the lake

Best Buddies, and Double Trouble. Max and Austin

Max is the coolest. Warning: they made him cute for a reason.

This one makes my sister cry.  Myles is super sweet and sensitive.

Myles and Max at the Lop Hop.

Mason with his friend the butterfly.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Well, after over a year hiatus, I've decided to start blogging again.  I really miss having the record of our family happenings.  I find myself posting things to facebook that I would have posted here, and had a more cohesive story.  I'm also hoping that blogger is a bit more user friendly now, and that I can get my pics to be where I want them to be :)  Just posted two retroactive, 1/2 done, but will probably never finish them posts from over the past year. 

Our life has settled considerably.  We are clearly still busy with the four kids and their activities, but we've got a rhythm going.  We have found trusted and supportive providers for Mason.  We are still exploring treatment options and constantly weighing what is best for him, and what is pushing too much.  ALL of my kids will be in school full days in the fall!  And I've finally settled into my new job (it only took 1.5 years), which I love.  We are looking forward to a fun-filled summer, and an exciting trip during the Christmas season - truly once in a lifetime. There ya go - that's the update.

Mason's 2nd Gotcha Day

I still get that weird time warp feeling when thinking about how long my boys have been home. Mason has been home 2 years today. On the one hand, it feels like he has been with us forever. I can't imagine our family without him. On the other hand, I remember that day so vividly, I still feel the stress of that day, the confusion and frustration, and then, finally, the relief of having him in my arms. It feels like it was yesterday.

What has been clear from that very first moment is that this child was absolutely meant to be here, with us, in this family. He brightens my days. I cannot look at that big grin without smiling myself. He is happy each and every time he sees me. He adores all of "his people," from his physical therapist, to our lovely neighbor with the Kubota :)

I would be remiss if I did not also mention Mason's stubborn streak. If he doesn't want to do something, it doesn't matter what consequences or rewards you put forth. The boy is not going to do it. Frustrating at home, but more concerning at school. His parent/teacher conference this morning was rough. Everyone agrees he is charming, and smart. The problem is that he is acutely aware that people want to help him. At school he has become lazy, and learned ways to get others to do things that he should and absolutely CAN be doing for himself. It's a fine balance. It's hard for me to hear anything negative about him, because I just think he is perfect. I look at how far he has come and I'm amazed. But I also want to make sure we are pushing him hard enough to develop to his full potential. After 2 years of being home, I'm hoping that he has learned to trust that we meet his needs consistently, because it's time to start pushing him to do it himself!

Mason, you've changed our lives for the better. You've completed our family. I love you.

A Day Playing in the Brook

My plan for Sunday was to climb Monument Hill. We used to do it twice a year, but our last trip was a bit traumatic (see the pics of Mason's eyes swelled shut). So the kids vetoed me, and decided we needed to spend the day in our backyard - specifically in the brook. There's plenty to do - catching fish, frogs, spotting the snapping turtle, paddling behind the beaver pond. . .

We had a blast - once again proving that nothing fancy is needed to have the perfect day.