Saturday, December 13, 2008

In Regards to Others. . .

Congratulations to Heidi and Erin. They are going to have a baby, and have finally given me permission to blab :) I don't do secrets well :)

Also, my friend and fellow Dillon Mom, Pam, is working to expand her family once again through a domestic adoption. She is selling these gorgeous cards to assist with the funding. These would make great Christmas gifts, and would be great to have on hand for those special occassions that sneak up on all of us. The cost is $6.50 per set, 6 cards to a set. To order, email Also, check out the blog of the lovely family you'll be helping at

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Had to add. . .

Maddie's music teacher sent this to us after school today. I couldn't resist sharing. Just call me "Mama Rose" :)

"Just a short note to let you know that I asked Maddeline how her playwent. She asked if she could sing one of the songs. Her classmates( and I)loved it so much they asked her to sing it again so I asked her to singwith a mic since I had my PA set up. She is a star, what a gift she has ,like her parents!"

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"A Star is Born"

Madeline made her theatrical debut in "The King and I." She played "Ying," the youngest daughter on stage. She was so ridiculously cute! Before the show she showed me all around backstage, and introduced me to her little theater friends. She was right on cue with every one of her parts, and spoke loudly and clearly (and very sweetly). I went to see her at intermission (to tell her I had to leave to take Myles to the ER - ugh). She was in a little Diva huff that the King had skipped one of her parts. "He always forget that line." The others assured her that he would remember the next night (which he did). I loved seeing Maddie on stage with my best friend too. Hannah played "Anna" and did such a fabulous job. I was so proud of both of my girls :)

This was the first time Dan and I left the boys with an actual babysitter. Usually my mom or sister or aunt watch them when we need someone, but of course they all wanted to be at Madeline's debut. The show had barely started when my cell phone (appropriately set to vibrate) went off. Myles had fallen into the piano bench and was bleeding quite a bit. My mom went to check on him and at intermission came back and said she thought we should probably get it checked out. He had a nasty gash on his lip, but more concerning were his top teeth and gums which were really swollen and black. So, off we went to the ER. Myles was very brave, and was way more interested in what all of the instruments were that in his injuries. He was all smiles, and charmed the pants off of the nurses. Those dimples will do it every time. In the end, no stitches were needed, dentist said the teeth might not fall out on their own, but that's no big deal, and he almost stole Maddie's thunder. When you're a true diva like Madeline, you don't let anyone outshine you. :)

OK, two comments on the video. This is my first time posting one, so I hope they work and I can't figure out how to flip the first one. And on the first one, I was laughing and couldn't hold the camera still. I can't believe how cute she is.