Saturday, December 6, 2008

"A Star is Born"

Madeline made her theatrical debut in "The King and I." She played "Ying," the youngest daughter on stage. She was so ridiculously cute! Before the show she showed me all around backstage, and introduced me to her little theater friends. She was right on cue with every one of her parts, and spoke loudly and clearly (and very sweetly). I went to see her at intermission (to tell her I had to leave to take Myles to the ER - ugh). She was in a little Diva huff that the King had skipped one of her parts. "He always forget that line." The others assured her that he would remember the next night (which he did). I loved seeing Maddie on stage with my best friend too. Hannah played "Anna" and did such a fabulous job. I was so proud of both of my girls :)

This was the first time Dan and I left the boys with an actual babysitter. Usually my mom or sister or aunt watch them when we need someone, but of course they all wanted to be at Madeline's debut. The show had barely started when my cell phone (appropriately set to vibrate) went off. Myles had fallen into the piano bench and was bleeding quite a bit. My mom went to check on him and at intermission came back and said she thought we should probably get it checked out. He had a nasty gash on his lip, but more concerning were his top teeth and gums which were really swollen and black. So, off we went to the ER. Myles was very brave, and was way more interested in what all of the instruments were that in his injuries. He was all smiles, and charmed the pants off of the nurses. Those dimples will do it every time. In the end, no stitches were needed, dentist said the teeth might not fall out on their own, but that's no big deal, and he almost stole Maddie's thunder. When you're a true diva like Madeline, you don't let anyone outshine you. :)

OK, two comments on the video. This is my first time posting one, so I hope they work and I can't figure out how to flip the first one. And on the first one, I was laughing and couldn't hold the camera still. I can't believe how cute she is.


Amy said...

I loved the videos!! I'd love to see the DVD when it comes out!! I had no idea Hannah was in it!! That is incredible!!!! :) You're kids are great....and you are a great should know that!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Adorable! Diva she is - you have create a monster - - -

Her Uncle even said that she can sing. Now that is a huge compliment.

It was also fun to watch Dan as the music director. He was "mouthing" each of the songs. Now that would have been fun to have on video.

Aunt Dawn

Amy said...

Wow - what a star! She is adorable! So sorry about the injury but it sounds like he pulled through it and will be proud of that story one day! The videos are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Carter will LOVE to see Maddie waving to him. How did you not get my horrendous laugh as she was trying to get Carter to wave to her? So cute...I could watch over and over again!!!
P.S. She will absolutely have to do the Missoula theater when they come to our school in the spring!!!

ColleenC said...

I love that play! And what a cutie! You must be a VERY proud Mama!!!

Peter and Nancy said...

It's fun to know there's another family who understands the madness of a show around Christmas. :o) Peter directs one each year -- we think there'll be a hiatus year next year, and then both our boys will be in it the year after. I can't wait til they're home from school, so they can watch the videos!

Sorry to hear about the ER drama -- sounds like Myles is a calm, collected little guy!
-- Nancy

Pam said...

Can I have her autograph?? She looks like a natural! How fun!
Scary on the ER visit with Miles. HOpe he is ok!

Julie & Patrick said...

This is so fun, that she shares one of your loves!! She does look quite comfortable in front of an audience :)

Sorry about the other drama...when it rains it pours!!

Julie R

Sara said...

I think your daughter and my daughter would get along very, very well. :)
Related way too much to your ER story since we just had that experience a few weeks ago! Glad everything is fine now!

Emily said...

How adorable she is! Glad to hear Myles is ok!

nic said...

she looked like she loved every minute of it! :) I could feel your proud mama beams through the words. :)

I will be asking for an autograph the next time I see her!