Thursday, December 17, 2009

I've been neglecting the blog. It's busy around here, and I don't particularly feel like it's anything exciting to share. So the mundane update. . .
Mason is doing great. He's making progress daily, and has really come out of his shell socially. He's getting more language, which is so fun to witness. We were in love with him from the start, but now I look at him, and just can't imagine my life without him. I'm so thankful that we took that leap of faith and said yes to him. There's no doubt in my mind that he was meant to be a part of our family.

Max Rup, on the other hand, disagrees at the moment. He told me today, "I'm not going to be Mason's brother anymore. I'd rather be a meanie." Ah, jealousy. It's nothing out of the ordinary, nothing we didn't expect, but it is draining. He whines A LOT. I was talking to another mom who's little girl is his age, and who just brought another child home. It seems this is a lovely issue we share. It's nice to know Max isn't alone, and neither am I :)
The only ill effect I'm really suffering from is a sore back. Max likes to be carried around, and Mason has to be. Sometimes I try to play hardball with Max, but really, when the alternative is half an hour of whining, I just pick 'em both up.

Madeline and Myles have both been wonderful with this transition. Maddie is her typical "mother hen" self. Always very proud, and wanting to help in any way she can. Myles is generous with sharing, and very gentle with Mason. He likes to talk to him and bring him things. He makes sure Mason feels included. It makes me smile to watch him.
Happy Holidays to all!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Max Rup is 3!

Blankie on the head

Lots of help opening presents

Frosting on the nose

Nana and Wendy - starting trouble :)

I cannot believe that on Dec. 1, Max Rup turned 3! The end of November / beginning of December is a very busy time for us with 2 Gotcha Days, Max's birthday, Dan's birthday, Thanksgiving - so much to celebrate.

Two years ago on November 27th, we met Max for the first time. We had done our reading, and knew to expect adjustment issues, and anticipated struggles. It was so easy. The minute they put him in my arms, he snuggled down, smiled, and that was it. It was like both of us knew that this is how it was supposed to be. The only issue we had was that he wanted to be held all of the time, which I didn't mind a bit!

We arrived home the day before his birthday. When I look at pictures I notice his chubby little baby face, and his curls. The chubby cheeks and curls are all gone now, and he looks like a little boy. He is so sweet, and such a character. He is our smallest, and by far our loudest!

Max is struggling with the adjustment of having Mason home. He is jealous, and doesn't want to share anything - especially his Nana! Despite the jealousy, he wants very much to be a good big brother.

Some things I love about Max Rup at age 2:
  • his "goy goy goy" as he sucks on his fingers.
  • his love for all of his blankies, and how he carries then around on his head.
  • his big, cheesy grin.
  • his immediate need for food in the morning - he wakes us up by saying, "I need some cereal!"
  • watching him and Myles play so well together. They are so close, and it just warms my heart.
  • his undying devotion to my mother - even though it drives me crazy sometimes :) I love that they are so close.
  • his absolute NEED to talk on the phone no matter who is calling.
  • watching him and Myles chase the chickens, and carry them around like dolls.

Please share some of your favorite Max Rup memories in the comments section!!