Saturday, August 23, 2008

Myles on God

Myles and I had an interesting conversation this morning. . .

Myles: "Mom, where did you get me?"

Mom: "God gave you to me."

Myles: "Did you have to go to heaven to get me?"

Mom: "No, He made you grow in my belly."

Myles: "Mom, God is a She."

Mom: "Oh?"

Myles: "Yeah, and if you drive to heaven it's far far far."

Mom: "That's probably true."

Myles: "Can I have some chocolate milk?"

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Great Greeting!

Tonight I came home from my meeting and Maddie came running down the hall, "Mamma, Mamma, Mamma" and gave me a great big hug. Then Myles running, "Mamma, Mamma, Mamma" with another great big hug. And then, not to be left out, Max Rup came running, "Mamma, Mamma, Mamma" and was tacked by Myles. But he got up and made sure to get his Mamma hug in. Couldn't have asked for a better greeting!

I've gotta get some pics up and a post about our VA trip. Someday, when I have a minute - I'm sure I'll have time soon since Maddie will be in school ALL DAY! She's so excited, and I'm just plain sad about it.

Update: Despite my job, strong feelings on particular subjects, and other things, somehow they found a case for me to sit on the jury for. Expensive civil duty when you have to pay for at least 4 days of childcare that you wouldn't need otherwise. I don't mind, but I feel bad that it is bad timing for work. Interesting experience though.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


One large white goat with quite long horns. Likes to eat anything including the siding off of houses, the most expensive purchases from greenhouses, hair (especially blonde), and t-shirts.

If you see boy goatie, please send him home. Although he is useless and a pain in the neck, we love and miss him. Our dog tried to herd him and ended up chasing him into the woods - Oh, our useful animals :)

Edit: We found him! He was just as relieved as we were to be returned :) Thanks to Peggy for the use of her 4-wheeler to search the woods with!

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have been called to jury duty. I was supposed to do this right after we got legals for Max Rup, but after some phone calls and telling them that, quite frankly they could issue a warrant for me and I still wasn't postponing my trip to get my son, I got out of it for a while. I have no problems serving jury duty. I am worried about whether I can be impartial in the same court that is jerking us around and delaying our finalization so very much.

Max has been home for over 8 months now. We still have no idea when our court date might be, but were told not to expect anything until December. The court folks have been very cold with us, not willing to answer many of our questions, and causing delays for really ridiculous stuff. Example - we waited 9 weeks for the court to give us fingerprint cards that I could have gotten by walking to the court next to my work the same day. They are the exact same cards, no difference at all. They couldn't give us a reason why we had to wait for them to issue it, or why it took them 9 weeks to get them. Then they wanted us to wait even longer to schedule an appointment with the people they prefer to use to do the fingerprints - and pay for them to be done. We pushed and pushed about whether that was absolutely necessary, and finally they told us, well, no, you can really get them done anywhere. We called our local PD and had them done and mailed out the same day - for free.

I used to be really excited about finalizing. Thought we'd have everyone there at the court, a happy, friendly judge doing something fun for a change. Now I just want this over with. I don't even care. We have to meet with the judge prior to the actual court date, but have been told that he may just finalize us at the meeting, so we wouldn't even know or have anyone there. Very anticlimactic.

So, as I go into this court building tomorrow to fulfill my duty and serve on a jury, I may have to reveal my strong feelings against this court and the way they handle things.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Just some cute stuff

I'm stealing this idea from a couple other moms. I do not keep a journal, and my feeble attempts at baby books and scrap books are incomplete and terrible, I just want to jot down some of my children's cuter moments. Some of these are old. Figured I'd post before the list got too long.

Myles - whenever anyone calls his brother Max, he corrects them, "no, he called Max Woop (Rup)."

Madeline - my Aunt Dawn made mittens for Auri where the fingers flap open. Maddie got excited and asked if hers could have thumbs that flipped open (she's still quite a thumb sucker).

Myles - My favorite word that he says is Whobody, and I love his super hero pose. He is also the bloodhound of the family. We always know when Max has a poop, and forget about keeping flatulence to yourself. Myles will pipe up with "I smell sompin! (something)"
But, when he has a poop his line is "don't change me yet." Usually said while still exerting force to push it out.

Madeline - She got a little confused about the Pledge at school. She thought they were praying and asked if she could pray about her Nana. Her teacher just kept saying, "Bless her little heart"

Myles - Got out of the bath and said "kiss me, I'm kissable." He sure is :)
I also love his facination with bugs. He describes them with much excitement, "I got a hoodz (huge) mean bug with a hoodz mouth!"

Madeline's summer club - an imaginary place that she uses against people when she's mad. Example, "Auri, if you don't play with me then you won't be invited to my summer club." Apparently it's a pretty exclusive place.

Max Rup - He is quite the friendly little guy. We take him shopping and he'll yell to all passers by "helloooooo" while waving. If he doesn't get a response, he repeats himself louder and louder. The boy has an incredibly loud voice for such a little guy!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Fun

Austin is still the main attraction around here. He's growing and changing so fast! My kids love him, and Myles is especially sweet about wanting to hold his baby cousin. Max isn't as jealous as we all thought he would be, but he's not thrilled about the baby.

We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with Aunt Missy, Uncle Paul, Peter and Olivia at their beach house in RI. The kids had a blast and loved the ocean waves, sand, and wildlife. I was surprised at how much warmer the ocean was than here in ME.

OK, here's that great squinty-eyed smile for the camera that Max has perfected. Of course, there's food in front of him. Hard to catch him without it these days.
And this is sweet, tired Max - cuddling with his blanky that Grammie made. I think he looks like Linus.
Madeline, Max, and I went down to Aunt Ang's to pick some blueberries. Maddie did really well. And it didn't take Max long to figure out that he could eat the blue ones right off of the bush.
This is the first frog Maddie caught on her own. Oh, she's a girl after my own heart :)
Max has no fear. The other day he found this big ol' June bug and was carrying it around the driveway.

Alright, I had to put a TeeBall picture in. Myles is in on the action this year. Actually - Madeline, Auriana, Myles, and my cousin's little boy, Carter, are all on the same team this year. It's so fun, and they actually play! Last year there was this older girl that literally got every single ball that was hit, and didn't let the little ones in on it at all, so of course, they lost interest. This year they all chase after the ball, wrestle each other for it, and they do really well hitting. Usually they don't even need to use the tee! I love it. Last time Myles got a pretty decent hit and instead of running to first, he ran out to this pitcher's mound to give Uncle Derek (the coach), high fives :) And when Myles get to home, he needs a little coaxing to actually leave the field.
This week we're going down to visit Mimi in VA, so we'll surely have more news, and pics next week.