Saturday, August 23, 2008

Myles on God

Myles and I had an interesting conversation this morning. . .

Myles: "Mom, where did you get me?"

Mom: "God gave you to me."

Myles: "Did you have to go to heaven to get me?"

Mom: "No, He made you grow in my belly."

Myles: "Mom, God is a She."

Mom: "Oh?"

Myles: "Yeah, and if you drive to heaven it's far far far."

Mom: "That's probably true."

Myles: "Can I have some chocolate milk?"


Anonymous said... boys said God was a she like it was nothing when they were younger too. Now I wonder if they know that he's a he :) Maybe now that their big brother has long hair too, they'll realize boys can have long hair as well. I'll have to talk to them and see if their views have changed later :) I love how kids think!!

Peter and Nancy said...

I love how the profound is followed immediately by the normal with kids. :o) When we first began talking about our adoption and getting a baby sister, Nathan was convinced that he was adopted too. Wish I could live in their minds sometimes!

ColleenC said...

Love the idea that God is a woman! Why not?!

And hey, who doesn't love chocolate milk!

Kristi said...

Thinking deep thoughts at a young age...a philosopher in the making! I'm glad he's got his priorities straight though. A little chocolate milk to keep the think tank working! ;)

Julie & Patrick said...

I love how children have it all figured out. You wonder how long they have pondered these between a thirst for chocolate milk, of course.

Very cute!!

Julie R

Amy said...

How cute by ending such a deep conversation with milk :).