Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My big 4 year old!

Max woke up this morning and said, "Yay, now I'm a full grown donkey boy!" I have no idea what this means, but he's a funny kid, with a great smile and sense of humor to match. He's still small, but seems to have sprouted the last month or so, requiring all new pants to wear. I love that he has nicknames for everyone: Myles is Foo Foo, Maddie is Sissy, Dan is Dan Dickens. Too cute. LOUD, but very sweet and endearing. He still carries all his blankies around, and his favorite color - PINK! He is newly obsessed with Buzz Lightyear, hence the birthday costume. He was so thrilled, and kept on saying, "I'm an autobot!" I think he's confusing his characters :)
Seriously, this kid just lights up the room. He is so smart, funny, and loving. This time of year, with all of the Gotcha Days, Birthdays, and Holidays, my thoughts always turn to my boys' birthfamilies. Max is very aware of his birth mother, and wants so badly to meet her. When I look at him, I can't help but think of what she might look like. I always think of her as a petite woman with birght eyes and a stunning smile. I hope that she smiles often, and has some level of knowledge that her son is happy, amazing, and loves her from afar. I hope that someday I can be there when they meet.

Professional pics

This summer we had professional pictures taken of the family. We had never done it before. We'll do it again, but will NOT use the same person. Not what we expected. But here are the results. . .
note: it was 105 degrees, she was early so no one was ready, we expected much more creative stuff.
Papa Winnie and the gang.
The 8 grandkids. All 7 and under.

Best Friends and Cousins. Maddie and Auri

Maddie looks so grown up. Terrifying.

Myles. I love this boys smile.

The 4 Labonte kids.

I adore this picture of Mason.

Poor little Max had a fever. Still so adorable.