Saturday, November 27, 2010

Three years, vivid memories.

Gotcha Day: November 27, 2007
Walking in the Woods - Rocking his signature Mohawk

Apple Picking with his cheesy grin!

Three years ago, on Thanksgiving Day (because flights were WAY cheaper), we took off for India. We planned the trip in less than 24 hours. We were terrified, NOT world travelers, and had so many questions about the little guy that was going to be our son. I had crazy worries like what if he smelled weird, how long would it take before he felt like mine, and not theirs, and what will we do with him on the 18 hour flight home?!!

We flew to New Delhi to complete the embassy paperwork, then on to Kolkata to actually receive our son. I was uncharacteristically calm through most of the trip, but Gotcha Day rattled me. I was so emotional, and had a tough experience on the way to Matri Sneha. Our tour of the special needs portion of the facility gave me a chance to pull it together, and also set our course for adoption #2.

Every family thinks about what that moment will be like. That first moment when you meet your child. Every family hopes for that ideal meeting, but doesn't dare to expect it. We fear that the child will be afraid, cry, grieve horribly. We pray that things will fall into place, and there will be an immediate connection.

With Max Rup, we got that dream. His Ayah brought him into Ms. Roy's office, placed him in my arms, he looked at me, smiled, and then layed his head on my chest, stuck his index and middle finger in his mouth, and started his "goygoygoy" sound that we are now so familiar with. It was like we had always been together. He just fit. And, he smelled really nice :)

It's been three years today, and we still can't believe how easy our first transition was. I cannot imagine our family without Max's humor, huge grin, and one volume setting - LOUD! His Mohawk haircut fits his spunky personality. He's a great mix of sweet and devilish. He is his Daddy's shadow, and adores his big sister. He's perfect for us.

I love you, Max Rup. Happy Gotcha Day!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Our newest addition is Charlie, the standard poodle. A friend of ours had a surprise litter of 16!! 15 of them made it, and now Livermore has a bunch of these cute little fluff balls. Our neighbor has two, a good friend has another two. We're excited to train these pups together. Charlie is a laid back pup. The kids all adore him, and he adores Copper. Copper is warming up to him. He tolerates Charlie following him everywhere. The funniest thing is watching Charlie and Petri (the cat). They love each other, and Charlie has taken to giving Petri big kisses every chance he gets.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

It's been a whole year? / It's only been a year?

The first video above was taken a couple of days after we met mason. We were still in India. The "Ah" he repeats throughout the video was pretty much his only verbalization at that point. He was so tippy up on his knees like that, and could not sit at all without just folding in half, or tipping over completely.

The second video is Mason now. He narrates our days, and asks soo many questions, always wanting to know exactly what's going on, what everyone is doing, and most importantly, what car everyone took to get here.

We took a leap of faith in pursuing this little guy. Our trusted social worker thought he would do really well in a family. We were nervous, but found his smile, his engaging charisma too much to resist. After having him home a year, I cannot imagine it turning out any other way. He is my son. I love him with all of my heart. I see him as absolutely perfect, and a true gift from God.

I love that Mason struggles to do so much that other children do so easily, but he struggles with a big old grin on his face. He'll try anything for anyone, and then say "thank you" (or "keanu" in Masonese) for the opportunity.

I love that my other children have not been hindered by him, they have grown and become more compassionate because of him.

As we celebrate a year together, I am so grateful for so many things. . . I am grateful that Mason's birthparents made a plan for him that gave him a chance to get the care he needed. I am grateful that the Ayahs at Matri Sneha gave him love and care for he first 2.5 years of his life. I am grateful that Tami sent that email, just in case anyone on our forum may have been interested. I am grateful that despite the questions, and concerns of many among us that we took that leap of faith, and that those questioning us are now his biggest supporters.

Adoption is miraculous. Waiting children need an opportunity to blossom. I'm so glad he's no waiting anymore, and that he has helped our family to blossom as much as we have helped him.

Happy Gotcha Day, Mason!!


It's been way too long, and SO much has happened. I'll catch up on it eventually, but for now, Halloween pics. I have no idea why here are no pics of Madeline. Perhaps because I'm a bad mom, or perhaps because she and Auri spent way too much time in the bathroom :)

Maddie was a vampire, Myles he Devil, Max Rup was Darth Vader, but told everyone he was "Star Wars," and Mason was a Ninja.

I just like the pic of the two little boys in their Thomas jammies :)