Sunday, November 14, 2010


It's been way too long, and SO much has happened. I'll catch up on it eventually, but for now, Halloween pics. I have no idea why here are no pics of Madeline. Perhaps because I'm a bad mom, or perhaps because she and Auri spent way too much time in the bathroom :)

Maddie was a vampire, Myles he Devil, Max Rup was Darth Vader, but told everyone he was "Star Wars," and Mason was a Ninja.

I just like the pic of the two little boys in their Thomas jammies :)


Julie & Patrick said...

So fun! Love the jammies too! Some of the best moments of my childhood were spent in PJs!


Peter and Nancy said...

Love the photo update -- and the jammies picture is super cute! Can't wait to catch up on the Labontes life more (but no pressure)!