Monday, July 27, 2009

Happy Birthday and New Pics

On July 24th, Mason Probal celebrated his 2nd birthday. I can't believe my baby is 2. I had been dreading that day since we accepted his referral. I knew he wouln't be home by then, and I thought I was really going to be a wreck all day. It was tough, for sure. I thought about him all day, had really vivid dreams the night before about having him home, about having his shunt replaced, about a PT session. . . really vivid dreams.
It was very helpful to get information from Tami (our beloved social worker through Dillon) that the older kids' birthdays are recognized at the children's home. Plus, I worked a 12 hour shift that day and my lovely co-workers were fabulous. They tolerated having "The Story of India" on in the background all morning, we enjoyed Samosas for lunch, and was even given a little cake for the occassion. Love those folks. When I got home we sang Happy Birthday, had a piece of cake and the cupcakes that Aunt Dawn and Maddie made for the occassion, and went to bed. Not bad, overall. No major meltdown, and I don't even think I was insufferable to be around :)
Today we recieved the above great pics of our boy. I love how happy he looks, and I love the fact that he's standing even more! These pics were taken by a family who just picked up their little girl. We've kind of come full circle - when we were travelling to pick up Max Rup, we took pictures of their little girl! We remember her as the sleeping beauty - she didn't move the whole time we were there causing chaos :)
A couple of cute things:
* Max Rup has taken to calling me Mommy Poppins. I'm sure it's because I'm "practically perfect in every way" ;)
*He has also specified that he wants the RED Probal to come home - Mason is wearing a red shirt in Max's favorite pic of him :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weddings and Lighthouses

The Boys on the Rocks
Searching for Treasures in a Tidal Pool

I knew Maddie was sick when she couldn't even fake a smile :(
The Portland Headlight. The entire park is gorgeous!

Groovin' with Papa Jim . . .

and Uncle Derek. Maddie danced ALL night.

They sure clean up good (but don't stay clean for long) :)

Just hadn't posted in a while. We did recieve Mason's Article 5, so we are now waiting for NOC and guardianship. Keep the prayers coming to get him home by Christmas.
Wedding Pictures are from my cousin, Laura's, wedding. The whole night fit Laura's personality and we had a very nice time. Dan and I even played for the ceremony.
We finally got around to taking the kids to the Portland Headlight. Madeline LOVES lighthouses, so it was mainly for her. Unfortunately, halfway there she got sick. I thought it was just from being in the car, but she spent the whole time we were there laying on park benches with Dan and I while the other of us took the boys around. Poor little girl. We cut the day very short.
This summer has been rough. The weather here has been atrocious. We have had very few nice days, and I have been working to cover maternity leaves at work (about 48 hours a week). I don't deal well with being away from my kids that much. I know others do that and more , but it's nothing I'm interested in doing. I get very bitter and emotional, I don't function well at home, and I just plain miss my kids. It has really made this summer difficult and unhappy for me. I'm trying to enjoy the time I do get to spend with them, but I'm frustrated every time I think that by the time I'm back to just two days a week, Maddie and Myles will be in school again. Feel free to impart words of wisdom and advise.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

How is it possible?

This is really old, but one of my favorites!

All dressed up for the 4th.

My two silly heads

My babies
Madeline is 6 years old! My little firecracker came 2 weeks early, caused an entirely too long labor, and gave us a tiny scare by taking her sweet old time to breathe when she was born.

Madeline is my spunky tom boy, who likes to wear dresses. She has an interesting style of dress which includes consistently wearing her shirt backwards, not always matching, but always smiling and happy. She educates us on animals and social issues with her own twist on what she has learned from other sources. Her sense of humor cracks me up and is way beyond her years. She suffers (or rather we suffer) from a condition we refer to as the "Maddie Shakes," meaning she is incapable of sitting still for even a moment. She loves to cuddle, but wiggles the entire time. Maddie is my smart, creative, sweet girl, and I don't know what I'd do without her. I tell her frequently that she is very special, because she made me a Mom, which is the best thing ever.

My favorite memories of Madeline at age 5:

  • "I thirst for imagination."

  • Her performance in "The King and I"

  • Watching how she interacts with her brothers. Always the mother hen, needing reminders that I am the Mommy.

  • Her love for animals: I love watching her carry our chickens around like dolls, holding her lizards for the first time, catching frogs with her and then being lectured on the differences between frogs and toads.

  • I love that she creates songs, and has Dan write them down for her.

  • She wrote a book in school titled "All About God." She wasn't able to read it to her classmates, but it was quite educational. She also told Myles one day that if he didn't behave, God would send another flood. We nipped that in the bud, but it was impossible not to completely crack up after.

Maddie, you're my sweet girl, and I love you so much.

OK - please comment on your favorite "Maddie Moments."