Sunday, July 5, 2009

How is it possible?

This is really old, but one of my favorites!

All dressed up for the 4th.

My two silly heads

My babies
Madeline is 6 years old! My little firecracker came 2 weeks early, caused an entirely too long labor, and gave us a tiny scare by taking her sweet old time to breathe when she was born.

Madeline is my spunky tom boy, who likes to wear dresses. She has an interesting style of dress which includes consistently wearing her shirt backwards, not always matching, but always smiling and happy. She educates us on animals and social issues with her own twist on what she has learned from other sources. Her sense of humor cracks me up and is way beyond her years. She suffers (or rather we suffer) from a condition we refer to as the "Maddie Shakes," meaning she is incapable of sitting still for even a moment. She loves to cuddle, but wiggles the entire time. Maddie is my smart, creative, sweet girl, and I don't know what I'd do without her. I tell her frequently that she is very special, because she made me a Mom, which is the best thing ever.

My favorite memories of Madeline at age 5:

  • "I thirst for imagination."

  • Her performance in "The King and I"

  • Watching how she interacts with her brothers. Always the mother hen, needing reminders that I am the Mommy.

  • Her love for animals: I love watching her carry our chickens around like dolls, holding her lizards for the first time, catching frogs with her and then being lectured on the differences between frogs and toads.

  • I love that she creates songs, and has Dan write them down for her.

  • She wrote a book in school titled "All About God." She wasn't able to read it to her classmates, but it was quite educational. She also told Myles one day that if he didn't behave, God would send another flood. We nipped that in the bud, but it was impossible not to completely crack up after.

Maddie, you're my sweet girl, and I love you so much.

OK - please comment on your favorite "Maddie Moments."


Anonymous said...

Some of my favorite things about Maddie are:
Her sense of humor. She gets sarcasm that goes over most kids' heads.
I love watching her swim, tube, kayak and everything that has to do with the water.
Her love of nature.
Her big grin and laugh.
Her ability to carry on adult conversations and then giggle and turn back into a 6 year old.
Happy 6th b-day Maddie!

Love, Nana

Peter and Nancy said...

Happy birthday to a sweet girl! Thanks for teaching your brothers about the world . . .
-- Nancy

Julie & Patrick said...

Happy 6th Maddie...with the window into her personality you've provided it just makes me wonder what a lovely young lady she will grow up to be...zoologist, National Geographic reporter perhaps, actress, or a mom?

She sounds delightful :)

Nic said...

Happy Birthday Maddie! My favorite memory of Maddie is watching her open heart and acceptance of others. She is always so great with Noah when we come up. Never asks why he does things in his own way or treats him differently. She sees him as just Noah. She is very unique in that way. She has such a genuine and kind soul. :)

Susq22 said...

Happy B-day Maddie! I can't wait to meet you some day!

Kristy, the 4th of July clothes are adorable! Did someone make those?


The Labontes said...

Suzie - 4th of July clothes came from the Children's Place. I'm not usually a shopper - we live on hand-me-downs, but these were irresistable!


Anonymous said...

You got me a bit choked up Kristy! You are a wonderful mom and Maddie is an extraordinary girl! I love how she loves all creatures and how intelligent she is....she teaches me things I never knew. Happy 6th Birthday Maddie.

Love you,

Aunt Ang

ColleenC said...

Love the memories you've shared! What a sweet and beautiful girl! We have a just turned 6 year old too- it's a fun age but suddenly they seem so OLD!!

Amy said...

What a sweetie she is! So smart too :) Love all the adorable pics :)

Kim said...

I can't believe how grown up Maddie looks!

My favorite memory is actually heresay from you but that she asked when 'her Kim' was coming back. :D

Anonymous said...

How about when she told her Aunt Jaime that "me and the water. (insert hand gestures). . . we are just not feeling the connection" when Jaime tried to get her to put on her swimsuit.

I love her sleepovers, when we get the chance.

Other Maddie-isms - - -
* She is very much like her namesake, loves to talk and tell stories! - And eat!
* She starts 75% of her conversations with me with the phrase "Aunt Dawn, did you know . . . "
* She would love to learn to knit, crochet, etc. - and will learn when we can find the time and she can sit still long enough. Somehow she seems to say "did you know . . . " even when I am trying to teach her something.
* She has her Mom's love for animals - weird animals - lizards, frogs.
* She got a rubber frog from Uncle Mike (and named it Ang). She loved this thing! Not a furry stuffed animal, but a rubber rodent! Ugh!
* Most of all, Maddie loves to learn. We may think she is going to be a successful zoologist etc., but she could end up being an eternal student!

My prediction - Madeline will be a successful researcher of some sort.

Love you Maddie - never change - keep us entertained!