Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Weddings and Lighthouses

The Boys on the Rocks
Searching for Treasures in a Tidal Pool

I knew Maddie was sick when she couldn't even fake a smile :(
The Portland Headlight. The entire park is gorgeous!

Groovin' with Papa Jim . . .

and Uncle Derek. Maddie danced ALL night.

They sure clean up good (but don't stay clean for long) :)

Just hadn't posted in a while. We did recieve Mason's Article 5, so we are now waiting for NOC and guardianship. Keep the prayers coming to get him home by Christmas.
Wedding Pictures are from my cousin, Laura's, wedding. The whole night fit Laura's personality and we had a very nice time. Dan and I even played for the ceremony.
We finally got around to taking the kids to the Portland Headlight. Madeline LOVES lighthouses, so it was mainly for her. Unfortunately, halfway there she got sick. I thought it was just from being in the car, but she spent the whole time we were there laying on park benches with Dan and I while the other of us took the boys around. Poor little girl. We cut the day very short.
This summer has been rough. The weather here has been atrocious. We have had very few nice days, and I have been working to cover maternity leaves at work (about 48 hours a week). I don't deal well with being away from my kids that much. I know others do that and more , but it's nothing I'm interested in doing. I get very bitter and emotional, I don't function well at home, and I just plain miss my kids. It has really made this summer difficult and unhappy for me. I'm trying to enjoy the time I do get to spend with them, but I'm frustrated every time I think that by the time I'm back to just two days a week, Maddie and Myles will be in school again. Feel free to impart words of wisdom and advise.


Amy said...

I love the pics - the lighthouse area is beautiful! I can just imagine going there :) So sorry your little one was sick :(

Hoping you get that NOC in just a few!

I hope things slow down for you soon. I am sorry you are having to work like that - I pray you have some cheerier days ahead :)

Nic said...

love the photos. I think I've been to that lighthouse 100 times. I frequent Porland Head and Two Lights. Love them both! The photos made me miss Maine.

I know the weather has been tough for you. Believe me, I know. Summer gets me down every year because it is so tremendously hot and humid that it's tough to go out. It's almost like winter up there. Severe. :(

I have been in that place with work before. And you are right--you can spiral into a bitter unhappiness if it doesn't get better. My advice is to control what you can. Work less if they'll let you. If not, maybe look for something that will. I don't think any job is worth it. It's just that. A job.

Sounds like you need a vacation to the happiest place on earth...Mickey & Minnie's house! :)

Emily said...

Great pics Kristy! I can see how those long hours must be tough (I don't think I could manage!). When I am going to be working for awhile, sometimes Ryan brings Lizzie to meet me and we have a lunch picnic in my office - gets me a little family fix in the middle of the day - your job may not allow that, but it makes it easier for me to be away from her for the day!

Julie & Patrick said...

Your pictures paint the perfect image in my head of what I think Maine would look like. Beautiful!

I love love love weddings! It looked like such fun even though Maddie was not up to snuff.

Hope your next post brings good news about Probal and your NOC!!

Julie R

ColleenC said...

Poor girl, sick on her lighthouse tour! Those pictures are gorgeous- love the backgrounds- makes me wish we lived in New England!

Sorry work is so yucky (and during summer no less). Been there, all I can say is hang in there, you'll get to the other side.

Hope you can get your laughing boy (I will forever think of him this way :) soon!

Pam said...

Friend, I love those pictures. I would love to tour the Lighthouse with Maddie. How fun!!! Sorry she was sick though. That is no fun when you are doing something much anticipiated. :(
I"m feeling you about work, and I only work 15-20 hrs. I hate that! Ha! I would never make it for 48. Independently wealthy would be great, eh?? Think of all the great things we COULD be doing instead of working. *sigh* Sending you big, big hugs.

Peter and Nancy said...

I'm sorry to hear that your summer has been too full of work . . . I know I hated that feeling of missing moments with my kids (and I only worked half time). Hang in there -- I hope you have some relief sooner than you expect.

Gorgeous pictures of your three! Peter and I spent our 1st wedding anniversary in Maine and just loved it. :o)
-- Nancy