Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 4th Fun

Baby Fin. He's gone from colicky to hilarious! Love this little boy.

Mommy and Mason

We have sparklers every year, but for some reason Maddie was terrified of them this year?! Look at that face!

The boys enjoying Austin's gift from Nana and Papa.

Maddie's favorite gift. Aunt Moo Moo knows her girl.

Look how gorgeous it was. The view from the boat. I love this place.

Madeline and Auri - they are fearless!
Maddie got me on the tube and repeatedly told me to let her know if I needed them to stop and she'd fall of on purpose so I wouldn't be embarrassed :)

All pooped out. My boys love their Papa Winnie

My sisters with their babies. They look like Divas don't they?
We love the 4th. This year didn't disappoint. With gorgeous weather and almost the entire family, lobsters, and a double birthday party (Madeline on the 4th and Austin on the 8th)- it was a wonderful day.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


We love summer here. We are so very lucky to live 2 miles from my parents house on a lake. If it's sunny out, that's where we are.

Madeline is a total fish. She would live in the water if we let her. We frequently have to drag her out when it's time to go home. This is about as close as I can get to her without a boat :) She's in the purple, pink and white checked suit.

Myles is happy to troll around the sides of the lake looking for crayfish, and other creatures. He LOVES to fish, especially with Bryce or Uncle Mike.

Max is all over the place! He likes to ride his big wheels down the hill, terrifying his mother, he loves to kayak, and splash around in the shallow water.

Mason loves the pond. We were nervous about how he'd do in the lake since he still has trouble balancing. He loves to sit in a laundry basket placed in the shallow water and splash, and play. We've also found a floatation device that really works well with him, and he loves it. It's the closest thing to walking that he's able to do. I love seeing him in that position - upright :)