Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 4th Fun

Baby Fin. He's gone from colicky to hilarious! Love this little boy.

Mommy and Mason

We have sparklers every year, but for some reason Maddie was terrified of them this year?! Look at that face!

The boys enjoying Austin's gift from Nana and Papa.

Maddie's favorite gift. Aunt Moo Moo knows her girl.

Look how gorgeous it was. The view from the boat. I love this place.

Madeline and Auri - they are fearless!
Maddie got me on the tube and repeatedly told me to let her know if I needed them to stop and she'd fall of on purpose so I wouldn't be embarrassed :)

All pooped out. My boys love their Papa Winnie

My sisters with their babies. They look like Divas don't they?
We love the 4th. This year didn't disappoint. With gorgeous weather and almost the entire family, lobsters, and a double birthday party (Madeline on the 4th and Austin on the 8th)- it was a wonderful day.


Tracy said...

I'm lovin' your pictures of camp! As you know, I always enjoyed visiting with the Coombs' at camp when I was little. Since our move down here to Georgia a week or so ago, Coombs' camp has been on my mind a lot. Camp is the first place I saw dragonflies and I've always been mesmerized by them, and we have tons of them here in our backyard in Georgia now!

I love that the boys love Papa Winnie! What a sweet photo.

I still can't believe you girls are old enough to have babies of your own. It seems like just yesterday you were all your kids' ages...

Julie & Patrick said...

Sweet Summer!! Love this time of year. Great shots too! Nice to see you in a few too! :)

Come on good weather...we are finally in the 70s and can actually spend a little time outside.

I love the sleepy boy picture. Nothing like a day spent outside to make for the best next-to-death heavy sleep

:) Julie

jasonliberty said...

I love the pictures. And that Maddie was willing to "fall off on purpose" how sweet.


Anonymous said...

Gotta love Jaime and Meg's picture. ♥ Aunt Dawn

Peter and Nancy said...

So funny that Maddie is fearless for her bodily safety on the water, but is highly suspicious of sparklers. :o) Fun times for everyone -- and your gorgeous sistes look WAY too good for being new moms!

Shad and Maggie Alsworth said...

What fun times!!!! Your sisters do not look like they just had babies not that long ago!! Divas is right! :)
Hey, were you able to get time off to come to NY in August? I can't wait to get together!