Saturday, May 23, 2009

Amazing. . .

Our son looks and sounds simply amazing! Colleen picked up her daughter, Lia Riyani, yesterday and spoiled me big time. She delivered a photo album of Dan, me and the kids, and a blankie that I made (yes, you read that correctly, my first attempt at using a sewing machine). At the end of the photo album, each of the kids drew a picture, and we wrote "I love you baby" in Bengali. The only phrase of the language I know other than Namaste. I wish I could post pics, but I can't for a couple more weeks. If you want to see them, give me your email. The pics Colleen and her hubby took are just amazing. Even better is this message that she sent me:

We met Probal just a few hours ago! What a hoot he is! Seriously the boy cracked me up the whole time we were there. He is a VERY smiley and happy boy. The ayahs there said he is always like that talking and laughing (we went upstairs to see the newborns and we could hear him from there! The ayah said 'Ah, there's Probal again!). We were in the room with him for about 20 minutes talking to the ayahs and he wanted us to look at him the whole time! We gave them the book and they went through it with him while we were there taking pics of the other kiddos. They had him kiss the pictures of Mommy and Daddy and the ayahs loved the Bengali at the end!! They were telling him about his sister and brothers. He kept trying to bite the book! The ayahs said 'Oh very nice blanket!'They said he doesn't stand on his own yet (She actually said 'No, not yet.'). The crib he was in was quite small so I'm not sure if that has anything to do with it (I don't know if he's in there all the time though or just today). He had his legs sticking out through the crib slats and was kicking them around. We took many pictures of him (and have at least one great one of him smiling and laughing) and a bit of video as well. We'll get it into sendable form asap! He will certainly keep you on your toes but I think you will have a great time with him!
~ Colleen

He's going to fit in perfectly. My kids are known for their infectious laughs :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Madeline loves her critters. Doesn't matter what kind, what shape, how slimy or smelly. She loves them. Today she was able to bring our new baby chicks into her classroom. She chose three: a broiler, a laying hen, and a bantam. She did such a nice job telling her classmates about the differences, and she was so proud. I was a little proud too :)

Madeline and Mrs. Poat showing the chicks. Mrs. Poat is also a huge animal lover. Maddie will miss her next year.

Look at all those kids smiling! I love it.

The Pigs

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Birthday pics

All set to save thew world!

Mimi was right, being a superhero is serious business!

Spiderman Swim Gear!

The Labonte "Eaters"
(We have no idea how we'll afford to feed them when they are all teenagers)

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Myles!

All mothers know that time goes by much too quickly. I cannot believe this little boy is 4! He will start PreK in the fall. I remember when he was born - he loves to hear about how he peed on the doctor before they even cut the umbilical cord. He weighed 6lbs 15oz, and they joked that if he had just held it for a minute he would have been 7lbs even.
Some things I want to remember about Myles at age 3:
-the way he says afweep instead of asleep.
-how he is such a sweet big brother to Max Rup.
-him being so proud to pee standing up (and my dismay when he realized he can control the direction of the spray).
-his adamant insistence that superheroes MUST go commando.
-his infectious giggle and irresistible dimples.
-he still likes to go on "dates" with mom (and then falls asleep).
-he is all boy - superheroes, bugs, cars, and motorcycles. But sometimes he surprises us. Like when he came out the other day wearing "eye polish" (mascara).
-his "I wuv you too, Mama."
I love you Myles. You are my sweet, sensitive hero.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: in the comments leave any cute stuff you remember about Myles this year.