Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy 4th Birthday, Myles!

All mothers know that time goes by much too quickly. I cannot believe this little boy is 4! He will start PreK in the fall. I remember when he was born - he loves to hear about how he peed on the doctor before they even cut the umbilical cord. He weighed 6lbs 15oz, and they joked that if he had just held it for a minute he would have been 7lbs even.
Some things I want to remember about Myles at age 3:
-the way he says afweep instead of asleep.
-how he is such a sweet big brother to Max Rup.
-him being so proud to pee standing up (and my dismay when he realized he can control the direction of the spray).
-his adamant insistence that superheroes MUST go commando.
-his infectious giggle and irresistible dimples.
-he still likes to go on "dates" with mom (and then falls asleep).
-he is all boy - superheroes, bugs, cars, and motorcycles. But sometimes he surprises us. Like when he came out the other day wearing "eye polish" (mascara).
-his "I wuv you too, Mama."
I love you Myles. You are my sweet, sensitive hero.

FAMILY AND FRIENDS: in the comments leave any cute stuff you remember about Myles this year.


Nic said...

I remember back in September apple picking and that tiny little mouth taking the biggest bites I have seen! And I think this child was one of the best hill-rollers ever! He is a sweet, sweet boy and we cannot wait to see him again. Happy Birthday Myles...

Pam said...

Happy Birthday to Miles!

Gidg and Shane said...

Happy Birthday to Miles!!:) Don't you just love the way kids talk so sweet.
Adyn always says,Mom I wuv you!! And then he says I love erbody,which means everybody!! It melts my heart every time,:) Gidget

Peter and Nancy said...

Argh -- just wait until you have two little boys letting it fly in the bathroom. :o) I seems like I'm always cleaning up their, umm, mis-directions.

Happy birthday, cutie Myles!
-- Nancy

Jaime J. said...

On Easter Myles asked me if he could have "anutha" piece of chocolate and I asked him if he had had any yet and he very cooly replied "No, not any." And I had to laugh because he said this with a straight face as his entire mouth and teeth were covered with chocolate!! Gotta love the Labonte eaters!!
I also still love it that every time I call to talk to him he asks the same questions:
1.) How is Hobbies? (Top priority)
2.) When are you coming to see me?
3.) When can I swim in your pool?
Then he hangs up on me... because superheroes are busy!! No time for small talk.

Anonymous said...

Nana remembers the trip to Virginia to see meme when he had to pee so bad when we were on the highway. I ended up holding a cup for him and he filled it full!!! I didn't know little boys could pee so much!

I love it when he says I wuv you too!