Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging Therapy

Dillon still hasn't recieved our homestudy with the necessary changes. For the fourth time today I've heard that it would be done "by the end of the day." It's been an entire month. So I'm blogging as a form of therapy.

Two amazing things about today:

~My father-in-law turned 70 today. You would never guess him to look at him. (By the way, I am blessed with the sweetest in-laws ever).

~Two years ago today we saw Max Rup's face for the first time. I remember every second of the call from Tami. For some reason she had my parents' number listed as ours, and we just happen to be down there that night. I even answered the phone. I thought it was a call about our I 171-H since I had just faxed it to her the night before. I couldn't believe it was our referral. It was a Friday and she told us to think about it and review his info with our doctor, but I decided the minute his face popped up on our computer screen. He was (and is) the cutest little guy I'd ever seen. I called my in-laws that night, rambled on about Max Rup, and forgot to with my father-in-law a happy birthday.

We had a busy Easter weekend. Mimi was home which makes everything more special. Mimi cannot believe how much my children eat. She can't believe (and finds exhausting) how much Madeline wiggles - constantly. And I'm pretty sure she needed a vacation from the 5 nieces and nephews by the time she got on the plane ;)

Here's some pics and videos -

Nana and two tired grandbabies
5 Grandchildren (and one far away)

"The Finley Girls"

Jaime, Meagan, Kristy


Holly said...

I love this website. I have never checked it out before. It is good to know how things are going without having to ask. It must get exhausting repeating the info to everyone.


Anonymous said...

LOve the picture of Max....too cute! Good Daddy there with the boys...I am thinking of you and hope the process speeds up. Hope you had a wonderful Easter...miss you guys.

Love, Aunt Ang

Amy said...

Happy Birthday to your father-in-law! What a neat day to always remember the call :)

I love the pics and the video! All of your kids are so CUTE!

Peter and Nancy said...

He sure is a cutie! And I love the one of you with your sisters -- you can definitely see the resemblance. :o) Congratulations on the second anniversary of seeing Max Rup for the first time . . . and I'll be praying for Mason Probal's paperwork to move along.

Pam said...

Augh. Sorry you are still dealing with delays! Praying that comes through soon for you!!! Max is a cutie!!! (So is Miles, and Maddie, and Mason!!) The rock, paper, scissors was too cute!

Nic said...

love the photos, Kristy! I love, love, love the one of all the grandkids! And it's great seeing Meagan and Jaime too! :) I'm homesick!

Amy said...

I love the photos!! Sorry about the stress going on...but to let you're doing well with it :) You know I'm just a phone call away if you need me!

Julie & Patrick said...

Love the family photos! Sounds like you all have such a fun time together. Max Rup is looking so grown up!!


Jaime J. said...


That video is too cute!! Max caught on right away... and Myles was very good at throwing out "scissors"!! And by the way I did not need a vacation from the kids... I miss them already and I've only been gone two days.