Thursday, April 9, 2009

Cute Pics

These two are so cute together. They are best buddies, and Myles is a very good big brother to Max Rup. Max is at the stage where he copies everything Myles says and does. They just adore each other.

These two pictures were taken by Myles. He thinks it's hilarious that he caught me with my tongue out, and is very proud that we're putting it on the blog. (I'll truly do anything for my kids :) ).

Miss Maddie helping out with the Laundry


Candice said...

I love the pictures of the "brothers!" My oldest has been such a good big sister. :) I don't know what I'd do without her. I'm glad they all get along so well. Hopefully they'll continue to be big helpers when Mason gets home. :)


Gidg said...

Cute pics,boys can just melt your heart!! Looks like u have a good helper for laundry. Waiting for referrrrrral still!! I thought I would make a little growl in that,:) Have a blessed day,Gidget

Julie & Patrick said...

Love the pictures of the boys together! They are so cute. How wonderful that they are such good buds!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Hmmm . . . for some reason, my computer won't show the tongue-sticking-out photo! It's trying to save your mama dignity. :o) I love the boy "puppy pile," and how bright-eyed Maddie is.
-- Nancy

Anonymous said...

I am always happy to see new pics of the babes! They are so cute and Max always looks so happy and full of it! Madeline is a goo helper. I'm sure they were happy to see their meme!

Love, Aunt Ang

Amy said...

Love the pics! Your kiddos are adorable! Can't wait to see a new face in the mix :)

Amy said...

I love these pictures they are so crisp and clear and truly show the love your family possesses. I love being included in your family circle! Thanks for everything!!

Anonymous said...

My grandchildren are the best!!!!! I love you all dearly.



Nic said...

the boys are two peas in a pod! so cute!