Friday, August 1, 2008

Summer Fun

Austin is still the main attraction around here. He's growing and changing so fast! My kids love him, and Myles is especially sweet about wanting to hold his baby cousin. Max isn't as jealous as we all thought he would be, but he's not thrilled about the baby.

We had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with Aunt Missy, Uncle Paul, Peter and Olivia at their beach house in RI. The kids had a blast and loved the ocean waves, sand, and wildlife. I was surprised at how much warmer the ocean was than here in ME.

OK, here's that great squinty-eyed smile for the camera that Max has perfected. Of course, there's food in front of him. Hard to catch him without it these days.
And this is sweet, tired Max - cuddling with his blanky that Grammie made. I think he looks like Linus.
Madeline, Max, and I went down to Aunt Ang's to pick some blueberries. Maddie did really well. And it didn't take Max long to figure out that he could eat the blue ones right off of the bush.
This is the first frog Maddie caught on her own. Oh, she's a girl after my own heart :)
Max has no fear. The other day he found this big ol' June bug and was carrying it around the driveway.

Alright, I had to put a TeeBall picture in. Myles is in on the action this year. Actually - Madeline, Auriana, Myles, and my cousin's little boy, Carter, are all on the same team this year. It's so fun, and they actually play! Last year there was this older girl that literally got every single ball that was hit, and didn't let the little ones in on it at all, so of course, they lost interest. This year they all chase after the ball, wrestle each other for it, and they do really well hitting. Usually they don't even need to use the tee! I love it. Last time Myles got a pretty decent hit and instead of running to first, he ran out to this pitcher's mound to give Uncle Derek (the coach), high fives :) And when Myles get to home, he needs a little coaxing to actually leave the field.
This week we're going down to visit Mimi in VA, so we'll surely have more news, and pics next week.


nic said...

as always-- I love the photos. Maddie kissing a frog was hilarious!!! And I triple love the photo of max with his HUGE smile! Thank you for sharing and being so good about always posting photos! The Maine ocean looks COLD! brrrrr..... You guys need to come stay with us for a vacation and enjoy the fabulous Florida (especially the Bay) ocean. So warm and white sands! :)

The Labontes said...

We'd love to come down to FL. Depending on where things take us, maybe in a year or two.

Cindy said...

LOVE your pictures!!!

Great post and beautiful kids..

Kristi said...

Maddie and the frog picture is so cute!!!! Love the updates! Wish I could visit you up in Maine someday...maybe someday.

:) Kristi

Pam said...

Adorable!! Max is such a cutie...all of your kids are. Looks like they are loving summer!

Peter and Nancy said...

Oh the blueberries -- that's Anya Rashi's favorite food right now, and we've had some scary diapers to prove it!! I'm glad you're having a blast at the ocean. What incredile pictures of all your sweet kids. Thanks for sharing them!
-- Nancy

Amy said...

Cute pics! Maddie is WAY brave to get that close to a frog. I don't do well with that type of thing - lol!

Julie & Patrick said...

Roll out those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer!!

Looks like your whole tribe is having fun in the sun!!

Girl power, Maddie!!! I love it.

Julie R

Anonymous said...

Love the pics. I am missing so much working all the time! I need some Aunt Dawn time to play in the water!