Friday, August 8, 2008

Just some cute stuff

I'm stealing this idea from a couple other moms. I do not keep a journal, and my feeble attempts at baby books and scrap books are incomplete and terrible, I just want to jot down some of my children's cuter moments. Some of these are old. Figured I'd post before the list got too long.

Myles - whenever anyone calls his brother Max, he corrects them, "no, he called Max Woop (Rup)."

Madeline - my Aunt Dawn made mittens for Auri where the fingers flap open. Maddie got excited and asked if hers could have thumbs that flipped open (she's still quite a thumb sucker).

Myles - My favorite word that he says is Whobody, and I love his super hero pose. He is also the bloodhound of the family. We always know when Max has a poop, and forget about keeping flatulence to yourself. Myles will pipe up with "I smell sompin! (something)"
But, when he has a poop his line is "don't change me yet." Usually said while still exerting force to push it out.

Madeline - She got a little confused about the Pledge at school. She thought they were praying and asked if she could pray about her Nana. Her teacher just kept saying, "Bless her little heart"

Myles - Got out of the bath and said "kiss me, I'm kissable." He sure is :)
I also love his facination with bugs. He describes them with much excitement, "I got a hoodz (huge) mean bug with a hoodz mouth!"

Madeline's summer club - an imaginary place that she uses against people when she's mad. Example, "Auri, if you don't play with me then you won't be invited to my summer club." Apparently it's a pretty exclusive place.

Max Rup - He is quite the friendly little guy. We take him shopping and he'll yell to all passers by "helloooooo" while waving. If he doesn't get a response, he repeats himself louder and louder. The boy has an incredibly loud voice for such a little guy!


Anonymous said...

Okay, all very very cute. But don't forget Maddie when her Aunt Jaime asked her to put on her bathing suit she said "me and the water, we just aren't feeling the connection!" With the hand gestures as well.

Or . . . While you were in India and Myles wrote on himself and told Aunt Dawn and Aunt MooMoo when they asked why, "because I have super powers!"

Another . . . Maddie asking for a special kind of donut? Ummmmm

The Labontes said...

ugh, the donut episode :)

Thanks for the reminders. Gosh, my kids are cute :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Hee hee! Thanks for sharing -- it really does give such a picture of their personalities that your blog stalkers wouldn't have otherwise. :o) Love it!
-- Nancy

Pam said...

Loving that! Makes me feel like I am right there too. Max Woop! Laughed out loud over that one! Woop, Woop! Too cute!

Amy said...

Awww - these are precious! What cute kids!