Sunday, August 10, 2008


I have been called to jury duty. I was supposed to do this right after we got legals for Max Rup, but after some phone calls and telling them that, quite frankly they could issue a warrant for me and I still wasn't postponing my trip to get my son, I got out of it for a while. I have no problems serving jury duty. I am worried about whether I can be impartial in the same court that is jerking us around and delaying our finalization so very much.

Max has been home for over 8 months now. We still have no idea when our court date might be, but were told not to expect anything until December. The court folks have been very cold with us, not willing to answer many of our questions, and causing delays for really ridiculous stuff. Example - we waited 9 weeks for the court to give us fingerprint cards that I could have gotten by walking to the court next to my work the same day. They are the exact same cards, no difference at all. They couldn't give us a reason why we had to wait for them to issue it, or why it took them 9 weeks to get them. Then they wanted us to wait even longer to schedule an appointment with the people they prefer to use to do the fingerprints - and pay for them to be done. We pushed and pushed about whether that was absolutely necessary, and finally they told us, well, no, you can really get them done anywhere. We called our local PD and had them done and mailed out the same day - for free.

I used to be really excited about finalizing. Thought we'd have everyone there at the court, a happy, friendly judge doing something fun for a change. Now I just want this over with. I don't even care. We have to meet with the judge prior to the actual court date, but have been told that he may just finalize us at the meeting, so we wouldn't even know or have anyone there. Very anticlimactic.

So, as I go into this court building tomorrow to fulfill my duty and serve on a jury, I may have to reveal my strong feelings against this court and the way they handle things.


nic said...

I was dreading jury duty. I got called to do it earlier this year. very irritating since I have been called to do it four times (and gotten out of three) and Joe has never once been asked. I have to say it was a very relaxing day among adults! And... the guy got a not-guilty verdict and it felt pretty good. But I guess it doesn't always go that way and it stinks that your particular judge is being difficult. Please post after you go and good luck! Try to restrain yourself from climbing on the judges bench! ;)

Amy said...

Delays stink - sorry you are walking through that! Have fun with jury duty - never been asked to do it. Hopefully everything will get finalized ASAP!

Amanda said...

Sorry you are having so much court drama. I know all about it. We are still stuck.

Kristi said...

Oh the joys of jury duty. The only time I was called I was selected for a jury. What are the chances?!!! ;)

I hope your court drama ends soon. Maybe you'll strike up a friendship with someone who is influential in the courts tomorrow and they can help speed up your finalization. Hey, there's always hoping!

Anonymous said...

Although Max truly is a Labonte, it will be wonderful when the courts recognize it as well!

Heard Maddie had her "practice day" at school. Pictures soon of this? How did Mom do?

Aunt Dawn

The Labontes said...

Mom did fine, since she was at jury duty. Maddie loved it. The real test will be sending her off on the bus for a FULL DAY!

What will I do with such a quiet house??!!