Friday, September 5, 2008

Visiting Mimi

Meagan's Baby meets Jaime's baby

In July we ventured down to Virginia to see my sister. My mother, sister, FIVE CHILDREN from age 5 down to 3 weeks old, and I piled into my van and made the trek. The kiddos did really well for the most part. We seemed to hit every bit of traffic possible on the way down and ended up stopping at a hotel to sleep. This was a mistake. The kids had been cooped up way too long and it was like unleashing caged animals. No one slept well (except Madeline who didn't move all night). The next day was ok, except for the las two hours which were pure hell. The kids were just plain done. Max Rup just wanted to be held and didn't understand why that couldn't happen. We learned from the trip down, and on the way back the adults skipped sleep to drive through the night. That way the kiddos slept for most of the way.

It was worth it. The kids missed their Aunt Mimi sooo much. It was great to see where she lived - it's gorgeous. The kids loved the pool, and just being there with Mimi (and Hobbes). I especially loved how excited Max was to see Mimi. I think Jaime was relieved that he definitely has bonded with her. At night when we're rocking, Max checks on the status of all of his people. "Daddy?" "Yes, Daddy is on the couch." "Maddie, Mys (Myles)?" "yes, Maddie and Myles are in bed." And the last one is always "Mimi, Hobby?" or "MooMoo, Baby?" It's very cute.

We also went to the children's museum. The kids loved the dress up part, and the bees. And Mimi became a hero when she walked all the way back to the restaurant to save Max's Blankie. Just another reason why Mimi is so special to us. We didn't get to see that much of Tom (Dr. Popsicle to the kids), but we understand. ER docs are pretty busy. We hope that when he gets some time off we can spend some time with him.


Julie & Patrick said...

Aren't road trips fun? Sounds like the reward at the end of this one was so worth the travel!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

When we were kids, I remember my parents taking turns driving through the night to Colorado, Oregon, and Canada. Now I know why!! Looks like everyone had some memorable moments, though. I love the baby & dog photo. :o)
-- Nancy

nic said...

ok, so is Mimi Jaime? I'm thinking yes. :) God love ya for driving. Can't say I would ever do that for anyone! My kids can barely drive to Clearwater without losing it (20 minutes!)Flying is hard enough for us. Less than two weeks... :)

Jaime said...

Well, I know the trip was hard but I just can't imagine not seeing them every few months and it breaks my heart being so far away. So, suck it up because I expect more visits.... and by the way I love the Austin and Hobbes picture. They have the same jowels (sorry meg!!).

Love, Mimi.