Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Brothers and Sisters

So, I'm back tracking a bit because I wanted to post on this and just plain forgot. In August there is a Hindu holiday known as Raksha Bandhan. In essence, it is a celebration of the bond between sisters and brothers. We have decided to use this day to celebrate as much Indian culture as we can, as well as the bond of siblings. Traditionally, sisters tie a Rakhi, or holy thread, around the wrist of their brother, asking for loyalty and protection. Brothers bestow gifts on their sisters in answer to this request, and they usually feed each other Indian sweets.

This year we made up a big Indian meal, Maddie and I tried our hands at making Kulfi - it came out ok. We played Bengali music, the kiddos wore their outfits we purchased in New Delhi, and rakhi was exchanged. Making it even more special this year was being visited by Dan's brothers and their families. Bonnie, I know you won't believe this, but John even tried some of the Indian food - and LIKED IT!

On a completely different note - today while Madeline was at school, the boys and I went berry picking. Wild blackberries are delicious, and worth the "prickle booboos" as Myles calls them. The boys were extra cute together, and Max sat right down on Myles lap and gave him a cute little kiss while we were getting ready to leave. The two of them are so cute together. It was overcast, way better than direct sun when picking berries, and just as we headed back down the hill from the back field, it started raining. As we got back to the back yard the thunder had started - perfect timing. We got out of our wet clothes and enjoyed a nice snack of blackberries and cream. Reason #5293 I love living in Maine. :)


Anonymous said...

I love that you update this often...keeps me in touch with the babes! The pics are so cute of the kids and I love the Broadway Blog you posted. Madeline is growing up so fast. I just planted some raspberry and blackberry bushes(actually Dan did), so I will now have those as well as my many blueberries for the kiddos to pick!

Love to all,
Aunt Ang

nic said...

ohhhhhhhh how we miss maine. Loved that post and the photo. It actually made joe hungry for berries. :)

And I love, love, love that you bring Max Rups culture home. So many would not do that and I think it's wonderful! And I would probably fall over if my kids (or my husband) ate indian food. :)


Amy said...

Can I come visit? Maine sounds great! I need to see a Broadway show too :).

Peter and Nancy said...

We completely intended to celebrate with sweets and bracelets -- but it was eclipsed by our Indianapolis reunion. Either way, we were celebrating our India connections, I guess! I just love seeing photos of your kids.

Julie & Patrick said...

The boys look so cute together!

Blackberries...yummy...I grew up on them with cream too!! Definitely worth the prickle booboos!!

Julie R