Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Max Rup is 3!

Blankie on the head

Lots of help opening presents

Frosting on the nose

Nana and Wendy - starting trouble :)

I cannot believe that on Dec. 1, Max Rup turned 3! The end of November / beginning of December is a very busy time for us with 2 Gotcha Days, Max's birthday, Dan's birthday, Thanksgiving - so much to celebrate.

Two years ago on November 27th, we met Max for the first time. We had done our reading, and knew to expect adjustment issues, and anticipated struggles. It was so easy. The minute they put him in my arms, he snuggled down, smiled, and that was it. It was like both of us knew that this is how it was supposed to be. The only issue we had was that he wanted to be held all of the time, which I didn't mind a bit!

We arrived home the day before his birthday. When I look at pictures I notice his chubby little baby face, and his curls. The chubby cheeks and curls are all gone now, and he looks like a little boy. He is so sweet, and such a character. He is our smallest, and by far our loudest!

Max is struggling with the adjustment of having Mason home. He is jealous, and doesn't want to share anything - especially his Nana! Despite the jealousy, he wants very much to be a good big brother.

Some things I love about Max Rup at age 2:
  • his "goy goy goy" as he sucks on his fingers.
  • his love for all of his blankies, and how he carries then around on his head.
  • his big, cheesy grin.
  • his immediate need for food in the morning - he wakes us up by saying, "I need some cereal!"
  • watching him and Myles play so well together. They are so close, and it just warms my heart.
  • his undying devotion to my mother - even though it drives me crazy sometimes :) I love that they are so close.
  • his absolute NEED to talk on the phone no matter who is calling.
  • watching him and Myles chase the chickens, and carry them around like dolls.

Please share some of your favorite Max Rup memories in the comments section!!


Amy said...

Happy Bday Max Rup! What a cutie you are!

Julie & Patrick said...

I can't believe how grown up he looks in these latest pictures! Happy Birthday Max Rup!!

Although we only met him once, when we went to pick up Devi, I do recall his huge eyes and long lashes peering over the crib at us. He was darling playing with Anya Rashi. I also think Dev is a little sweet on him, as she still recognizes him in pictures every time we view them :)

Julie R

Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Max Rup! Wow! Unreal how fast they grow! Thanks for the update--love your blog.

Jaime J. said...

I have lots of great Max moments:

-Him yelling "peanut butter" over and over to Tom and I. We kept offering peanut butter and he didn't want it. Finally, dad came home and knew exactly what he wanted... to go load mouse traps with peanut butter. Duh!

-When I came home 7 months pregnant Max just kept asking to see my baby belly. When I finally showed him he said, "Ew, I don't like that!" At least he's honest!

-Every time I talk to him on the phone he has to ask about Hobbes... he is such a sweetheart!

Happy Birthday Max Rup!

Pam said...

Happy Birthday Max Rup! Love the frosting pictures! :) Oh the troubles the boys could get in together. They MUST meet some day!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday!

How about his unbelievable language. He can easily hold and adult conversation, and wants to all the time.

Max's sweet smile that makes everyone else, even strangers, fall in love with him.

Most of all, I love that when he came home he went right to Papa Winnie and snuggled for a long time. He has fit into the family so much, I forget that we didn't get hime til he was 2.

The Labontes said...

That's because we got him when he was 1 :)

The Pfeiffer Family said...

Max Rup is a cutie pie! I love that sweet smile. Happy Birthday, Max Rup!

April :-)

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading your bolg so much and hearing about what your kids are doing. Thank you for inviting me into your family and letting me enjoy in the party, lets me feel like I am not missing so much of my family, whome I love and miss so much. Wendy

Peter and Nancy said...

"Happy Bir-day, Max Woop!"

That's Anya Rashi's message to her crib buddy. I'm sure her favorite memories are of him being her first "brother" at ISRC, and all the training he gave her for having two big brothers when she arrived home. And that wicked injury she gave him before he went home with his Mom & Dad . . . :o)

Hugs to the birthday boy!

Nic said...

Happy Birthday Max Rup! I am always amazed that he is the only child that is not afraid of my dad!! He goes right to him!!! That's always so funny to me!


Anonymous said...

I love the way he runs and greets me every time I see him, hollering, "NANA!"
I remember his great big smile the day he went tubing at the age of two and mommy was at work:)
His mohawk he needs to keep because he knows I don't care for it!
His huge vocabulary shortly after he came home!
The night we went to the golf course on our date because he finally potty trained, he was so cute in his shorts and shirt with a tie and sandals on his feet. He was a gentleman and ordered for the two of us.