Wednesday, November 21, 2007

How's that for fast?

So this is it. Our trip. I cannot believe we pulled it together as quickly as we did. This, of course, is in large part to our amazing travel agent/friend, Adrienne. She spent the vast majority of her day arranging all of this, plus our hotels. Because of the timing (Thanksgiving), we aren't staying where we thought we would, but we aren't picky and are very glad to be going on such short notice.

I am amazingly calm thus far (subject to change at any moment). I'm just worried about leaving Madeline and Myles. They'll be fine and will have a blast being spoiled. Because of the holiday, Dan's Mom will get to have them for a couple of days, along with our neice and nephew Olivia and Peter. We are sad that we will miss them this Thanksgiving. Then my kids will be spoiled by my Aunt Dawn. Also, MooMoo and Aunt Ang plan on spending a day with them to continue with the spoiling. :)

And, Goal attained, we'll be home the day before Max's birthday. Thank you, Tami, for working with us and being flexible enough to make it happen.

Northwest Airlines – Flight NW 0038
Depart: Boston 715P 22 NOV 07
Arrive: Amsterdam 810A 23 NOV 07

Northwest Airlines – Flight NW 8423 Operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Depart: Amsterdam 1105A
Arrive: New Delhi 1130P
Jet Airways - Flight 914
Depart: New Delhi 840P 26 NOV 07
Arrive: Kolkata 1050P

Jet Airways - Flight 913
Depart: Kolkata 525P 29 NOV 07
Arrive: New Delhi 740P
Northwest Airlines – Flight NW 8366 Operated by KLM Royal Dutch Airlines
Depart: New Delhi 130A 30 NOV 07
Arrive: Amsterdam 545A

Northwest Airlines – Flight NW 0059
Depart: Amsterdam 825A
Arrive: Boston 10:25A


Kristi said...

AHHHH!!! You are leaving TOMORROW???? That is fast, wow! I'm so happy for you that you will have Max for his birthday. What a blessing!!! Where are you staying? Don't forget to eat at BarBQ and Kwality in Kolkata. And the Khan Market is a fun place to go in Delhi. Have fun!!!!! Can't wait to see those pics of Max with his mommy and daddy!


Carol at WTVL CRU said...

Kristy: Our prayers are with you as you go to get your new son! I know you have had some ups and downs over the past few months but it will all be worth it when Max is here.

I look forward to seeing pictures the next time they let me come play in triage.

Good Luck!

Peter and Nancy said...

Godspeed on your journey! I can't wait to follow your trip -- we'll be leaving after you get back, so I'm sorry we won't meet in person. It has been wonderful sharing this wild ride with you.
-- Nancy

Pam said...

Wow girl?! Tomorrow?!!! Holy Cow! ;o) Hope you have a safe and amazing trip to max! I can't wait to ride along with you!

Julie & Patrick said...

Truly amazing! We will be saying Thanksgiving prayers for you tomorrow!!

We know the trip will be amazing so we hope for a safe and happy trip.


Anonymous said...

Hooray! I am so glad that you are finally on your way. I hope it will all be smooth and easy for you and Dan now. It looks like the return flights with Max will be grueling but I know you will just stay focused on getting him safely home. Wish I could be here to see him in person but I will be starting my own road tirp then so I will just have to be satisfied with pix on your blog.
Peace, Lisa Jackson

Sheri said...

Kristy, are leaving today!! I am so excited for you! Please enjoy your trip to India! it's a beautiful country! The people are great! Can't wait to see Max in your arms.