Sunday, November 11, 2007

The Pigs

We got the pigs. They are cute, but do not like to be held, and boy do they squeal! Maddie named them Eric and Ariel.
Myles came into work with me the other day and a lady asked him if he was excited for Santa to come to his house. He was quite offended and told her, "No, I just want my Max home." He's the sweetest little guy.


Karen said...

OK, those are reeeeeeally cute stories. Eric and Ariel the pigs?! Max over Santa?! WOW. Impressive brood you have there. Now if the kind ladies and gentlemen of the Indian Passport Office would just get their heinies in gear, Max will soon meet the piggies and Santa too!!!

Julie & Patrick said...

So cute that the wait for Santa is nothing compared to the desire to meet Max!

Hope you will hear some good news soon.

Love the piglets!


Kristi said...

The wait is agonizing!!!! Poor Myles. :( Atleast you will have him home for Christmas and that is the best gift ever!! I'm praying that the passport office gets thier heinies in gear (as Karen says)!!


wilbur said...

It's been a long time since eighth did you ever get to be a pics and enjoy them...soon you will be a grandmother...ask your mom...