Thursday, November 22, 2007

Cute and in other news

Just wanted to put these somewhere, and I'm not a journal person per se.
We sing to our kids at night, so last night I asked Madeline which songs she wanted, and reminded her that we wouldn't be able to sing for a few days. Her response, "Mom, when you sing in India I'll hear it in my heart."
Then, she was not settling down very well. I told her she needed to go to sleep, and she said that she couldn't because when she tried she kept thinking of Max.

Once again, my sweet children.

I also think it is safe now to announce on here that my sister is pregnant! So by next summer, my parents will have 5 granchildren ages 5 and under! Love you, Meg, Derek, and Auri.

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Anonymous said...

Kristy, I so look forward to coming in and reading about your adventures. I'm glad it is going well. Hello to your mom and Dan. Be safe. Elaine and Freedom