Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Fun!

We actually had some trick or treaters this year! This is rare on our road, so it was fun to see some folks before we took off on our own adventure. We do the same stops every year: Nana's, Aunt Sally's, Aunt Jeannie's, and Aunt Nancy/Carrie's. This year we added a stop at the suggestion of Aunt Sally. Madeline and Myles were made to feel right at home at Aunt Dot and Uncle Bert's even though they had never been there. They were so happy that we stopped by that we'll probably visit more often.
Myles wanted everyone to know that he was the "good" spiderman. Madeline was just happy with the bow part of her costume.
As for Max . . . still waiting for a passport :(

1 comment:

Julie & Patrick said...

Very cute! I'm glad you have a "good" spider man in the family.

Isn't pumpkin carving still the greatest? :)

Hoping Max's passport comes soon!