Sunday, November 25, 2007

Stuff I forgot for my family

I won't be able to post tomorrow. We'll be all day at the embassy and then flying to Kolkata. I'm nervous about the embassy. I've reviewed all of the paperwork with Tami, Dan, Mom, and by myself at least 10 times, but I'm still afraid something will be missing. Up to this point I have been completely calm, relaxed, and worry-free (Jaime, I know you'll never believe that, but it's true). Now I'm just nervous. We're cutting it really close with the flight too, and all of you know how I am about being late. So I've apologized in advance to Mom and Dan, and told them I'll be a wreck until we get on the plane.

Maddie and Myles - today we saw monkeys running all around on the President's lawn! We also saw a green parrot peeking out at us at the tomb. I didn't get a picture of the monkeys, but I did get a picture of the parrot for you.

Aunt Ang, I thought of you today. You would have been a wreck. There are so many stray dogs, and one in particular struck me. Obviously a momma and wanting attention. It was so hard to not pat her.

Aunt Dawn, somewhere in my house there is a book "How to Potty Train in Three Days" - there's still time :)

Love you all,


Peter and Nancy said...

Blessings to you as you get embassy day finished! We will pray that it goes quickly and smoothly -- you're so close to having Max in your arms! We are so excited for you,
-- Nancy and Peter

Meg said...

your so good about posting!!! Since we feel so disconnected without having to talk on the phone. I am glad everything is going good. Take tons of pics of max and post them all!!! I am so excited to meet him. Maddie and Myles are being so good. Myles even cuddled with me last night. So enjoy your time because they are in good hands!! Good luck tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, Myles won't read the book! (You did tell me he could read right?)

The kids have been very good. They talk about you, but are not crying or fussing. They know you will be bringing home their brother. Now let's just hope that in a few weeks they don't want you to leave to bring him back!

Julie & Patrick said...

The embassy will be a breeze, you'll see.

I loved the comment on how our buildings are not meant to last in your last post. We felt the same way. Plus our country is so young compared to most. It is hard to believe how old alot of the things you are seeing really are.

On to Kolkata! I can't wait to hear about meeting Max!


Tara said...

Kristy, Dan and Kristy's Mom,
Good Luck at the embassy... I'll be thinking of you!!!