Sunday, November 22, 2009

Probable last post from India

He got into this position from laying down all by himself!

Oh, my happy boy.

This guy saved us when our hotel car didn't return, and we didn't have our hotel address. I wish we could have had him with us our whole trip, he was soooo sweet!

For Maddie, who I know I've disappointed with my lack of animal pictures :(

Cute, isn't he, Maddie

So we attempted to go out yesterday. We made a brief trip to the Red Fort in Old Delhi. It was nice to get out of the hotel room, but again turned into a rough day. Here are some pics none the less, and a couple cute pics of Mason in the room. As bad as everything else has been, he has been wonderful. We'll be in Boston at 4:10pm on Tuesday and just want to go straight home. I want my kids there because I can't wait an extra three hours to see them.


Anonymous said...

We wish you a safe and uneventful trip home and look forward to meeting Mason on Thursday. We will bring turkey dinner with us. Can't wait to see everyone! Safe travels. Love, Mom (Gram)

Peter and Nancy said...

Man, oh man -- what a smile!! I'm glad you got to see a few sights . . . it was fun just to look around in Old Delhi and people-watch. Sorry that one theme of trip has been travel glitches, though.

Doesn't it feel good to know that the kids will all be together at last?

God bless you as you travel home!

Peter and Melissa said...

He is such a smiley handsome boy! Sorry the trip has had it's moments but glad you will be home together soon. Thats when the fun really begins! Congrats!
Melissa C

Nic said...

ok, that looks like the oddest squirrel ever!! I love the video! Joe and I watched it together and he said, "I can't wait to meet that little bugger!" I agree!!

Save travels Kristy.


Julie & Patrick said...

What a wonderful smile to wake up to every day! He is a charmer. I so wish the other parts of the trip could have been more positive for you but glad to know that you are almost on your way home to the rest of your family. Can't wait to see photos of ALL the kids together for this wonderful time of Thanksgiving!!

Julie R