Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home!

We made it home! We are all in one piece, and the travel portion wasn't nearly as bad as it could have been.

As we were in line to board our plane in New Delhi, Dan's phone rang with a "multimedia message." How amazing to open it up and see a picture of my brand new nephew! He looked so great, and is doing very well. I am sad that I won't see him for some time since I can't very well leave Mason or cart him off to another destination right now.

Mason slept through the flight from New Delhi to Amsterdam. The 7 hour layover in Amsterdam was not a friend to any of us. Mason was miserable, and did this really great thing where he yanks your hair, hits you, and screams this ungodly scream while throwing his head back as far as he can. It garnered lots of stares from others, and made me feel like a horrible mother. There was just nothing I could do about it. He did this as we were waiting to board the second plane and I could feel all of the penetrating stares, and hear the thoughts of, "Oh, please let me be sitting as far away from them as possible." I though it would be the longest 8 hours of my life.

As soon as the plane engines started, he was asleep, and I had to wake him up to get off the plane in Boston. The gentleman in the seat in front of me turned around and said, "I can't believe he didn't wake up once. I really thought you were in for a long flight." Phew, so did I.

It was so nice to land in Boston and have people really cater to us. We were moved to the front of the immigration line, and waited less than 5 minutes for them to process his visa paperwork. People were friendly, curious, and accomodating.

As we walked out of the international terminal, I saw the most beautiful sight - my babies! Max Rup came running up and I was anticipating a big hug, and a request to be held. Instead he yelled, "Mason!" and hug his new little brother. So sweet. Aunt Dawn brought the kids, and Dan's brother brought his family from Providence to greet us! They also came when we brought Max Rup home, and it was so nice to see their faces again. Their kids and ours play so well together - and they certainly raised heck at the airport :)

Mason did pretty well on the 3 hour ride home. He cried a bit, and isn't very fond of his carseat, but for the most part, he slept and was quiet. Max Rup had a rougher time. He just wanted me to hold him, and it was so hard not to.

When we got home it was very late, but the kids were pretty wired. Mason thought the kids were absolutely hilarious, and it was great to watch them interact and bond a bit. Myles couldn't wait to show Mason the cat, and Mason loved the cat, although we clearly need to work on the meaning of gentle. Mason is terrified of our dog, which will be difficult for a while since Copper is a huge part of our family. We'll work on it slowly.

The three weary travellers cleaned up and everyone crashed for the night. Hopefully we can quickly get back on Eastern Standard Time. I felt like I never adjusted to the time change, so I shouldn't have too much of a problem. We'll see how Daddy and Mason do.

I think we'll have some visitors today, and Grammie and Grampy are coming over for a low-key Thanksgiving tomorrow. We'll make sure to get lots of pics of the kids together, and post some soon.

We are praying that our friends Shad and Maggie were able to resolve their issues in India, and bring their little girl home in time for Thanksgiving with their boys! As annoying as our problems were over their, we didn't have any issues with the paperwork to get Mason home. It certainly put things in perspective for us!


Rachel said...

Welcome home Mason and family!!!! :)

Candice said...

So glad you are home safely! What a wonderful Thanksgiving you'll have! So sweet that Max went straight to Mason! I love it! Enjoy this holiday season!


Four..and ONE from India said...

Welcome home ,Praise the Lord for your safe journey home,Gidget:0)

Julie & Patrick said...

Anxiously awaiting those photos! but for now I am so glad that all your kids are under one roof with you to enjoy this time of Thanksgiving!


Sara said...

Hooray for home sweet home! Can't wait to see photos of your FOUR beautiful kids! Happy Thanksgiving!

Todd and Michele said...

Welcome Home! What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be for your family.


Anonymous said...

Labonte family:
Welcome home Mr.Mason! Praying that all goes smoothly from here on and that Mason falls in love with all the family members including the four footed one..(o:
Leveta--who can't wait to see the pics!

Nic said...

Hurray! Welcome Home Mason!! :)

Peter and Nancy said...

Maggie & Shad got the passport and should be on their way home!

What a great airport welcome . . . so sweet to have Max Rup go straight for his brother! I feel for you with the airport trauma. Glad that's over, and that the flights went well. WELCOME HOME!

Traci said...

Welcome home, congratulations, and happy thanksgiving!