Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 2

Everything is still going really well. Mason woke up a little confused, but once he got his bearings, he did fine. We joined the other Dillon family for breakfast. It's nice to have someone else here to identify with. I think Mason has some issues with swallowing. He'll take whatever we put in his mouth, but he doesn't really get the concept of drinking out of a glass, and seems to have a hard time swallowing even the softest fruits, etc. We assumed that he would be drinking out of a cup, but that is clearly not the case. Ms. Roy told us he is still using a bottle. Thankfully, the other Dillon family gave us one of their bottles to use for him. We'll try that this afternoon, and stick with really soft porridge, etc. until we get home and get him figured out a bit.
He talks a lot more than we expected. He doesn't say a lot of English words, but he says several Bengali. He said his name yesterday - it was very cute. Meagan, he definitely needs your help with a decent hairdo. And the boy has hair everywhere - it's very cute.

He loves to play and will immitate us. He likes to be tickled, and I'm attempting to post a video of his cute little laugh. He can sit up, but he's very tippy. We call him humpty dumpty - he kinds of just slowly tips to one side. It's hard to get him dressed because of the stiffness in all his limbs, but it's odd because sometimes he's very bendy. He's awkward to carry, because of the stiffness, and also because he doesn't really hold on yet. I'm afraid Maddie will be disappointed - she won't be hauling him all over the place :) I cannot get over how long he is. Much taller than Max. And he seems to weigh more, but maybe not.

Overall, I'd say we're doing quite well. We'll stay in the hotel today, and then tomorrow we'll hire a car to get his visa pics done, do a little shopping, and then get us to the airport. The feeling of relief is wonderful. I think we'll try to call home in the U.S. morning, and set up a time to chat. I haven't talked to the kids, and I miss them very much. I can't believe we've still got a week before we see them again. Too Long!


Anonymous said...

Probal, Mommy, Daddy

I love you. I love momma.

I love daddy.

Max Rup

Cindy said...

Kristy! He is absolutely beautiful and perfect! Again, congratulations!!

jasonliberty said...

Oh wow, he is so cute. I love the giggle it's catching :-) So very happy for you Kristy.


Sheri said...

What a cutie!!!
I am so happy for all of you!!

Tara said...

He is soo sweet!!

Nic said...


He is a doll! You may want to try a straw if you need something in the meantime for him to drink. Some sippy cups or even the foogo has nice, soft straws that are easy for kids that have a tough time with a cup. :) Not sure if you can get straws over there, but it might help.

He is so sweet Kristy. :) I love sleeping photos....


Sara said...

Love, love, love it!! Thanks for keeping us all updated. He is amazing.

Candice said...

So, so precious! I'm glad you all are safe and together! Thank you for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the sleeping pic - you know I wanted to see that. Love those jammies too :) Glad to hear all is well. Keep those posts and pics up - we love them back home.

Love to all,
Carrie and family!

Kristi W. said...

What a handsome little man. Looks like he is settling in pretty well already. Do you think he might not be showing you some of his skills just as a way of coping? I know Prasun had a lot of regression for Amanda in the first few days. Just a thought. Thanks for blogging!!! Hopefully you get to talk to your other kids soon!

:)Kristi W.

Anonymous said...

omg this is soooo amazing! I am going to get a picture of Dawson sleeping cuz I thought you stole my picture lol he is simply beautiful and of course in Skowvegas I can't watch the video but I can on my phone and I am d/l now... SEE YOU SOON :) Mary

Jaime J. said...

He seems sooo happy! His size is throwing me off.... I keep thinking he should be older than Max, but then again, Max is a peanut! I'm glad to finally see him in some cute, boy clothes. He is very handsome and once Meagan gives him a haircut he'll be a lady killer!

Thinking of you constantly,


this One's for the girls said...

What a sunshiney personality! He looks like he's very open to his daddy's fun. :o) You're such a good observer of him, noticing the swallowing & limb details. He is going to flourish with you, I'm certain.
-- Nancy

The RI Labontes said...

Hooray! Mason is finally with you! Congratulations! You are all just glowing in your pics. I think the newest Labonte is going to be just fine, especially since he already knows how to throw a toy at his Daddy! :)

Much love,
Paul and Missy

Brown Eyed Blessings said...

Such a doll, as always! :)

On the bottles . . . no one told us until we were home but apparently they cut the top off of the bottle once the kids reach about 1 year old. So, they are used to a very big hole (to the point that you can pour it into their mouth with no sucking needed). We couldn't get A to drink anything until we did this to her bottle. So, you might want to try that if you can't get him to drink another way.