Tuesday, November 3, 2009

New pics - of Halloween, and Mason

I know this one's on facebook, but it needed to be here too :)

The crazy kids "carvesting" pumpkins

Batman, Cat in the Hat, and Magenta Mystic. They were not cooperative with photos.

This hen has decided to live in the breezeway, and visit the house for seed treats. She lays in an old chair.

He looks like trouble in this batch :)

All smiles as usual.

Happy to interact.

Causing trouble for the Ayahs :)
So, the update is that the computers are up and running in India. We hope this means that our passport will be issued very soon. We're hoping by Friday since our travel agent is on vacation starting Friday. As much as I'd like to wait for her to return, I'm not sure I'm capable of waiting one more second for this boy, so we might go it alone with a bit of help from my cousin who is familiar with the travel industry. Pray for passport SOON!


CindyO. said...

Go for it. We bought tickets on our own the first time and it wasn't as smooth, but it was cheaper!!

Travel agents are a little pricey sometimes!!

CindyO. said...

By the way, Mason looks like he's gonna fit in GREAT! He looks like he may cause trouble in your house though. LOVE the smiles!!

Sara said...

Adorable! He is sooo cute in that environment so I can't imagine how cuter and happier he will be in your loving home! Praying, praying, praying!!!

Anonymous said...

Love the new photos...all 4 kids are so darn cute (as well as the kitten, hen, and Copper)! Good luck with the passports.

Aunt Ang

jasonliberty said...

Ok praying for passport before Friday. If it doesn't happen I think you should go it alone.


Julie & Patrick said...

passport, passport, passport, passport, passport, passport, passport, passport, passport,

Julie R

Anonymous said...

Labonte family:
Beautiful pics of all of the children.Hope that passport is issued soon so that sweet boy can get home and add more busyness and love to your house.

Peter and Nancy said...

Beautiful photos of kids and creatures! I love the new ones of Mason. :o) We researched our flights and booked our own hotels -- the only tough part was that the time difference meant we had to be up at weird hours to do it! Bring on the passport!!
-- Nancy

Nic said...

Kristy, I love the photos of the kids. :) By the way, Auri is mini-Meagan. Holy crap!
Hugs, Nic