Thursday, November 19, 2009

Embassy Medical

Heading into our room at the Kenilworth - btw - we LOVED this place!

Clothing shop in Kolkata

Happily riding with Daddy

Yeah, this is pretty much what we do

We woke up this morning to head to the embassy medical appointment. We are not happy with our accommodations here at all. The room is tiny, food is awful, and the staff is abrupt, and not very responsive, though they are not shy about telling you exactly what you "need" to tip them.

Our driver was very nice, and knew right where the doctor lived. We got there at about 9:30am. They went through Mason's paperwork and told us that he would need 4 immunizations. I knew that this was a possibility, and I knew that we could get a waiver before we left, but I guess I just didn't think it would happen, or that he would need that many. Honestly, it was one more piece of paperwork, and I just didn't do it. I certainly regret that now. The cost of the medical was supposed to be 1600 rupees, and we brought a little extra just in case. Well, with the 4 immunizations he needed, we ended up having to pay 8,300 rupees! We didn't even have that much with us, so I stayed and went through the appointment with Mason, while Dan and our driver had to go to a marketplace, and our driver exchanged money for us. He was very nice about it, and guided Dan every step of the way.

The medical exam was brief, the doctor asked a few questions about his health issues, was a little rude about the fact that he couldn't stand up yet, and was frustrated that I couldn't tell him whether Mason was aware of when he is urinating and defecating. First of all, he hasn't defecated yet, and he's 2.5, so we really haven't been watching for huge signs of awareness in the whole 3 days we've known him. We've kind of had bigger fish to fry. Then the immunizations - ugh. The lady giving them was very nice, but SOOOO slow! The vials looked very antiquated, and since NONE of Max Rup's immunizations from India took, we are not very confident in them. She would give him one, and then wipe wipe wipe the area until the blood completely stopped before moving on to preparing the next one. Of course Mason was SCREAMING the whole time. I was crying - it was the first time I'd heard him really cry. He did that whimpering thing the first night, but has been really happy every since.

We waited another hour and a half for the doctor to finish the paperwork we need for the Embassy - this sounds like a long time, but he could have asked us to come back later today or tomorrow, so we were very happy to just wait there.
We are both feeling pretty awful. I think the food, time change, stress of all the little mishaps, are finally catching up with us. It's frustrating, because we want to do so much, see things while we're here, experience at least a little of India. We haven't had the chance to do that at all. We're hoping to feel better this weekend and do a bit of sightseeing. We haven't taken a lot of pics to post (sorry) because we've really been holed up in the room for most of the trip.

There is also something big going on back home which is unexpected, and I'm having a really hard time being away while it's going on. I've been asked not to share it on here, but it's a big deal, and I'm very upset that I can't be there, know what's going on, etc. It affects who my kids are staying with, and makes me very thankful that we have so many family members that my kids love and trust. We know that they are safe and happy :)

Not a very uplifting post, but do know that we are safe, Mason seems happy, and we're ready to come home. Just a few more days.


Anonymous said...

Keep saying those prayers and know as far as Maine, all is wonderful here and all kids are happy, healthy, and accounted for :) I visited with Maddie for a bit during the day today and the little bugger would not let go - so cute! I told her I'd be visiting over the weekend and I'd plan on bringing her and Auri with Carter and I to play practice, which she seemed very happy about. So, stay in touch and do NOT worry about anything back home. Thank God for family.
Love to all,

Emily said...

Is that a TBS rush shirt you are wearing? Even if not, it made me smile to think of that shirt making it all the way over there! I hope you all get to go site seeing a little bit - we are thinking of you here!

The Labontes said...

Oh, my gosh, Emily, it is!! Glad it gave you a smile. It seems most of our bandy shirts have made it to the "only to bed" section of our dresser. But what fond memories :)

Cindy said...

Kristy--Take a deep breath, hug that boy one more time and know that God is in control.

I am so sorry about everything you are having to deal with. Unfortunately, you can only "deal" with Mason right now--which is a good thing.

I know you miss your kids, to the point of actual pain I bet.

Sending you prayers and hugs from NC.

Love you guys.

Peggy said...

Don't you worry about a thing back home. Everything is FINE FINE FINE. We can't wait to meet Mason in person. XOXOXXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXOXO

Telicia said...

Glad to see you finally have that little guy in your arms! I had enjoyed seeing updates on facebook. Had been missing them for a while. Guess I'll have to follow along through your blog now.

God bless you all,
And congrats on your new addition,

Candice said...

I'm so sorry you have having so many discouraging things happen this time around. Hang in there. Many people are praying for you and that precious little boy!


Pam said...

Big hugs my friend. Hang in there!!!

Julie & Patrick said...

Almost done! I am hoping for some positive resolve before the trip is over on all fronts!

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

We are praying for the home front, and for the India front . . . I was thinking the exact same thing about the immunizations!! We had to redo lots of them too.

Hang in there, Kristy & Dan! You're both handling things extraordinarily, by which I mean that you're staying focused on the most important thing: Mason and his needs. That kind of self-sacrificial love is so beautiful and Christ-like. You're amazing.
-- Nancy

Jaime J. said...

Kristy, you worry about getting that little boy home and settling in with your other kiddos! We will take care of everything here! We are doing well.
Wish I could have given those immunizations myself... sounds awful. It seems like common sense to draw 'em all up at once and get them over with ASAP!! Poor Mason and Poor mom for having to watch!

Miss you,


angie said...

Thank you for updating us so much on your trip! You're keeping all of us blog-stalkers happy!

Congrats & God Bless!


Nic said...

Gosh Kristy-- I have been thinking of you and Jaime nonstop. Please tell me how I can help.

much love,

Nadra said...

Kristy...praying that all is OK at home. So sorry that you have home issues to worry about too. I'm even more sorry that poor little Mason had to go through the immunizations there. Bless his little heart. You'll be on oyour way home soon. Hoping for a relaxing and uneventful weekend for you. Take care and give that sweet boy some extra special hugs!

Mrs. Hilton said...

I hope all is well today and that Mason isn't too cranky and sore from his shots!
Kim H.