Wednesday, October 15, 2008

More info

The "More Info" wasn't quite what I had hoped. It actually isn't much of anything, but I feel more informed. Before I lay it out, I want to clearly state that we're ok with this situation, we trust this agency, and we believe that we will be matched with whatever child God has planned for us.

So, we have one more piece of paper to turn in before we can do our homestudy. This would already be done except that our doctor lost my blood, and then sent us the paper signed but not notarized, and now she is on vacation. And so the frustration begins :)

Our homestudy will be completely done and approved within 6-8 weeks! Then we move on to the new I-800. This has been taking between 90 and 120 days to be approved. THEN we can officially accept her referral.

In the mean time. . . Mehrunissa is in an orphanage that has a brand new international license. They have just started getting the child study reports prepared, and we all know how quickly things happen in India. So whenever they get more information, they will share it with us "unofficially" of course.

It is possible that we won't be matched with this particular little girl. BUT, they don't feel that it will be a problem to match us very quickly with a child that would be a good match for our parameters (we are open to some special needs, and I don't want any lectures or warnings from anyone, thank you).

So that is the new run down. I'm still comfy and doing fine with everything (except the doc messing up) :)

I'll pass on info as it comes.


Amy said...

Thanks for the update! I pray that this process goes smoothly for you and you are matched with your future daughter that God destined for you.

Kristi said...

I didn't realize the I-800's took that long. Yikes. You sound like you are having a good perspective on the timelines. :) I will also be praying that you will end up with the child that is meant for your family. Keep the updates coming!

nic said...

no lectures here. you know where i stand. these children are extra special and have so much to teach.


Peter and Nancy said...

Thanks for indulging my nosiness! :o)

No lectures here -- we got enough of those ourselves the first time around. What a picture of unconditional love you are showing the naysayers.

So happy you're on your way to child #4!
-- Nancy

Julie & Patrick said...

We considered MAPS too, but they didn't care for our ages. I know the right child is on their way to your family now. We, too, are ready to turn in our I-800A. I hear it is hit or miss on how easily they get approved. We are used to that uncertainty, right?! So happy that you've found direction...maybe not clarity yet, but good direction :)

Julie R

ColleenC said...

So happy that you guys found an agency that you trust and that you are on your way to your daughter! And hey adoption (and parenthood in general!!) is just one giant leap of faith anyway, right?! Here's hoping that next year at this time we are both stressing about what to get our little girls for Christmas or what they should be for Halloween!