Friday, October 17, 2008

The Court

I've expressed my frustration with this plenty on this blog. The thing is there is just no reason for the delay we are experiencing. Last week I wrote letters to Senators and Representatives. One Senator's office got back to me only to inform me that due to ethics they could not be involved with any judicial matters. I don't really understand how that is a breach of ethics, but ok. She did say that if we had any problems with immigration they could assist with that. I wonder if that includes our I-800?

On Tuesday we had a slow day at work. Which is lovely except that I go a little stir crazy. Same desk for 12 hours is bad news with nothing going on. So I got on the phone and called every government office and official that I could find a number for. It was frustrating because none of them felt that they could do anything and several times I was told to talk to the registrar of probate (I can't even count the number of times we've spoken to this person). Everyone kept on saying, the judge sets his own pace. I felt like I was dealing with India again. Then Dan called and told me that there was a message at home that the court was "squeezing us in" on Tuesday! I had no idea what had happened or whether it was a coincidence (which I doubted).

On Wednesday I got a call from our representatives office. She was calling to make sure the probate court had contacted us and to confirm that we did have an appointment on Tuesday. Ahh, someone actually took some action for us! We were already going to vote for this gentleman, but he would have won us over if our votes had been going elsewhere. (John Nutting Rocks!)

We've been told that the paperwork is all prepared and ready for the judge to finalize, but he could still choose to make us come back a second time. We are assuming that he will sign, and we will apply lots of pressure for this to happen. There is no need of waiting any longer. If he does make us come back, it will most likely be a month later. If this happens I will not be a happy woman. I will make my round of phone calls again, and express my outrage to anyone that will listen.

I've had several people lecture me about being nice blah blah blah. I'll be nice until he refuses. At that point all bets are off. I will turn into mama bear protecting her cub. I need to thank my cousin Nicole for role modeling this method for me :) She does this day in and day out, and I'm not sure how. I was exhausted after one round. We all do what we need to for our kiddos.


ColleenC said...

Yay for progress, Boo to them for putting you through such you know what! I am so hoping that this is the end (until you need to deal with them again for kiddo #4 : )of this legal process!

Amy said...

Bless your heart! This just plain stinks! Hoping it all gets resolved! Sometimes you have to be stern because nice does not always get things done. Good for you!

nic said...

I am so proud of you!

The Labontes said...

Colleenc - the good thing is that we can finalize in a different court for Mehrunissa! Woohoo!

Julie & Patrick said...

Once again, sorry for your delays. You go girl!! Sometimes you just have to step up and be your own advocate. It must be exhausting, especially when it seems the legal system is using its power in control for no known purpose.

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

I'm amazed when public officials forget that they're there to serve . . . the public! Thankfully, it's a small percentage. It's just a bummer that you've had to deal with one of them. Good for you for making those calls!! I'm cheering you on!
-- Nancy

ColleenC said...

Yay for different court the second time around!

Marleina said...

Grrr, Mama Bear. :)

You should be so proud for standing up and advocating for yourself and your family. I never would have thought an official would be helpful. I actually just jotted off a quick email thanking Sen. Nutting for his service.

Good luck Tuesday - I hope for the judge's sake that he knows who he's messing with. :)