Sunday, October 26, 2008

My kids are falling apart!

OK, not really. . .
One more thing about the court. I consulted a lawyer who told me that we were perfectly within our rights by calling the representative, and it wasn't inappropriate at all. He thinks the judge's feathers got ruffled and he took it out on us. This made me feel much better. We decided to celebrate.

We had friends and family over today to celebrate Max's finalization. Lots of Indian food, and good company. No sooner had our last guest walked in than I hear, "Kris, he's bleeding." Not exactly a phrase any mom likes to hear. Max had run for a toy, and fallen into our train table. A nice cut right above his eyebrow. Here are the results - 3 stitches, and missing his own party, poor little guy. He did so well though. The only time he cried was for a second when they had to use a needle to numb him since the topical cream didn't do the trick. Mommy actually did ok too :)
Madeline had quite a week too. She was playing "puppy" with Myles, bit his shirt and pulled, and got her first loose tooth, which quickly fell out. She was quite proud, and excited when the Toothfairy came.
We also had a dramatic farm tragedy. I don't need to go into details - just saying that will jog my memory enough.
We're ready for some down time. Uneventful down time.


Amy said...

Oh wow! Sounds like you have had an interesting week! Poor Max! Hope this next week is smooth sailing! You need a vacation ;).

Fenwick Family said...

Sounds like you hit a little rough terrain.I hope it all starts to smooth out for you!A similar thing happen to us Friday night.Bailey got hurt at a birthday party....but he is okay,Thank goodness. Gidget

ColleenC said...

Poor Max! And poor Mommy (I know those er visits are noooo fun). But yay for celebrating forever family (and putting the stupid judge behind you!!)

Peter and Nancy said...

He looks pretty chipper in that picture -- I'm always amazed how quickly they bounce back! What a brave boy (and mommy!!). Glad you decided to celebrate in spite of that darn judge . . . Hopefully you and Max got to eat some leftovers. :o) Congratulations again!
-- Nancy

Julie & Patrick said...

Well, disasters happen in threes...guess you have it covered for a while!

Hope everyone else stays safe and healthy!!

Julie R

nic said...

bad things happen in threes! (even though her tooth falling out is a good thing!) You should be set for awhile!

hugs to the kids,

Marleina said...

Aww, that's horrible! I hope this week brings nothing but calm for you guys!