Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy 80th Papa Winnie!

Today is my grandfather's birthday. I can't believe he's 80. I have been so blessed to have this man as the head of my family. He is gentle, caring, rational, honest - just plain amazing. I have never heard anyone who has anything but respect for him, whether they worked for him, supervised him, befriended him, or met him in passing. I cannot imagine my childhood without him being at my games, band / chorus events, school functions - anything that meant something to me. I have now been lucky enough to see him at my childrens' games and events.

I look at how close this family is - how much we mean to each other and enjoy the time we spend together, and I know that it is because of the man he is, and the way he loves his children. Your values have carried through several generations, and all of our lives are better because of it.

Love you, Papa!


Anonymous said...

Well said about a man we all regard highly and love endlessly. He is definitely everyone's hero and someone we all wish we could be more like. All his definite values and caring nature, I believe, have made us all better people, parents, friends, relatives, etc. Thank you for posting this about the best man we all know and love!!!!

Julie & Patrick said...

What a lovely tribute. You are blessed to have him in your life for sure!

Happy 80th

Julie R

Anonymous said...


Kristy put it perfectly!! We all love and respect you so much. Thanks for everything you have done and supported us through.


Amy and Clint said...

Thanks for the nursery compliment!

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