Monday, April 21, 2008


We had Max's baptism yesterday. One of the great things about a small community is that we got a private ceremony. Nice and quiet with just our family. We were so glad that all of Max's Labonte cousins could be here, and a good part of the Coombs gang. Myles was the coolest guy around, wearing his shades throughout the ceremony.
After we gathered at the house. It was absolutely gorgeous out, and the kids had a blast playing outside. Each time we have a gathering like this we are reminded of how very lucky we are to have such a cl0se-knit, enjoyable family.
As an addendum to my Papa's birthday post, we had a surprise party for him last week. It started out being a small gathering, but requests came in for invites, and there ended up being 118 people there. My cousin, Carrie (also Max's new Godmother), put together an amazing slide show that brought tears to everyone's eyes. Many people spoke of what an amazing man my grandfather has been to them. Not surprising, but so amazing to hear.
We have what is supposed to be our last post-placement visit on Tuesday, but apparently it takes 3 months to get a court date in our county, and Maine requires visits every other month until finalization, so we may have to do one or two more. We'll get there eventually.


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures...they are the cutest kids...especially Myles in his shades, too cute! The Coombs family is definitely special and Papa Winnie deserved such a large celebration!

Love, Aunt Ang

Julie & Patrick said...

What a nice celebration! Max is getting to be quite the big boy!

So glad you are able to enjoy so many of your extended family.

Julie R

Amy and Clint said...

Max looks so adorable - sounds like a great day!


Pam said...

I love that first picture. He looks like trouble waiting to happen! Love it!

Peter and Nancy said...

What a gorgeous family!

True to form, when I showed Anya Rashi the photos of Max, she pointed at him and jabbered away (Bengali, perhaps?). :o)

Blessings to Max on this special occasion,
-- Nancy