Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Daddy's and Daughters

I'm a little jealous that Dan got to go to a Father Daughter dance with Maddie. I wish there were Mother Son dances around here :(
But look how gorgeous the girls look with their handsome dads. That's my niece, Auri, and her dad, Derek.

This handsome guy has also made appearances. My Papa Winnie. Believe it or not he's turning 80 next week! And ladies - he's single!

Here's handsome Max. Those eyebrows are so expressive. They have been from our first glimpse.
We're turning him into a farmer. Max and Peanut. Both tiny, but full of personality
And my boys. They are trouble :)


Anonymous said...

I agree about the mother-son dance! Let's start one up :) I can't believe how old Maddie looks in those pictures. They all grow up way too fast. All kids are so cute! Ask Max if he wants to come to another class with me sometime soon :)

Peter and Nancy said...

What an adorable picture of Maddie with her Daddy. After being "queen" of the house for 7 years, I can't wait to see Anya Rashi all dressed up to go out with her #1 sweetheart! I'll have to spend some quality time with Anya looking at the new pics of Max. :o)
-- Nancy

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how fast they are all growing up!! We are so fortunate to have them all around us.
Nana loves you all!!!


Cindy said...

What a beautiful family! I agree about mother and son dances also. Where do we sign?

I'm sure Maddie's dance card was filled!


Anonymous said...

Cute pics of all of them! Max is so cute and Myles looks like he's up to something!!! I wish they had a mother-son dance as well but at this point I doubt Nate would be psyched about being seen dancing with his mama! He's a bit too cool now!

Love to all, Aunt Ang

The Labontes said...

about Maddie's dance card - Dan said Maddie did her very own form of "modern interpretive dance" and was pretty oblivious to the surroundings. Auri actually led a Conga line :)

Julie & Patrick said...

All the pics are great! Max is growing so fast and really looks the farmer part!!

I loved going to the Father/daughter events too. Maddie looks so cute!


Kristi said...

Maybe we could have a little love match up between your Papa and my Grandma. She's 77 and single!

:) Kristi