Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Homestudy #1

Done. And so painless. Our caseworker is this lovely lady who has been through the process twice herself. Lots of personality and she didn't mind my chatty kids or animals. She was actually quite interested in our livestock. It was just nice and relaxed and easy.

One more visit next Tuesday and then hopefully a quick write up and we can settle in for the long wait on the I-800a. She was optimistic that our wait for the official referral would be rather short. We are still hoping for our little girl, but just don't know. If we aren't able to pursue her, then we don't have a gender preference, and are quite open as far as special needs and age, although we're trying to keep our birthorder. We're along for the ride. It certainly worked out well for us last time.

This picture is the kids after we finalized Max. These elephants were made by a lovely lady on that loves all things India. Everything inside and outside on these elephants are from India, and the kids loved 'em. We wanted to do something special for all of them that day, and these elephants were perfect. I've already told her we'll need another one for our next child.


Amy said...

Congrats on completing the first homestudy! Hoping that immigration form comes speedily! I want an elephant - comment me on the creator. I LOVE Etsy and could spend all day surfing that site ;).

ColleenC said...

Yay, for moving right along on the homestudy! You MUST share this India-lover etsy person!!! I have been searching and searching for good Indian stuff to buy for my boys to represent baby sister for them- does she do monkeys I wonder? Jack has a monkey room!

Julie & Patrick said...

Home study done!!! Looks like we are in about the same place. Hope that I-800 stuff goes quickly for you AND for us!!

Julie R

Fenwick Family said...

Congrats on the study getting finished!We are waiting on immigration also.Maybe they can speed us up! (Hopefully).I am just glad they are not making us start all over!!I think I am gonna get a elephant.They look so cute! That will look so cute on Maiya's bed!