Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Prayers, Please

Asking for prayers and lots of positive energy for a friend and co-worker critically injured in a car accident yesterday. She and her family are very strong people, so we have high hopes that she will recover. Thanks.

"We ask that you watch over those who are tonight in a coma, as their brains sleep in an attempt to heal. We ask that you watch over their loved ones, whose consciousness has been permanently altered by this sudden shock. We ask that you give help to those who have awakened, to have the energy and perception to address the process of rebuilding themselves. We ask that you give their loved ones the energy and hope, to enable them to stay as long as they can, to be the partner in the rebuilding and recovery."


Cindy said...

Praying for your friend.

nic said...

the brain is an amazing thing and you truly never know. I will send many positive thoughts and prayers your way.

Julie & Patrick said...

Sending healing prayers your way.

Julie R

Peter and Nancy said...

Let us know how the situation resolves . . . we'll be praying.