Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day Recital

So, it's Father's Day. We didn't have the chance to do anything big and special, but I hope Daniel knows how very special he is to us. My kids are so lucky to have a Daddy that is patient, kind, honest, and isn't afraid to interact with them, be silly with them, and show lots of affection. I am so lucky to have these same qualities in the man I get to spend the rest of my life with.

Maddie and Auri had their first dance recital today. They were on either end of the group since they were the leaders. They looked absolutely adorable in their cowgirl outfits.

Quote of the day: A conversation between Madeline and Michael, a little boy in her class that also has a small farm.. .

Michael: "Hey, Maddie, it's almost time to shoot my cow and eat him."

Maddie: "Oh, yeah, and cows make good steaks, don't they Michael."

Great conversation for a dance recital.
The kids are very glad that summer is here. As usual, we're spending lots of time at the lake, swimming and turtle hunting. Myles loved this little guy. Not to worry - we always bring them home to their Mommies.
Above is Max's attempt at making friends at the LopHop. Thomas wasn't in the mood for sharing. :)

We're having a bit of difficulty getting the adoption finalized. We have to do this within our county, and thus far the folks at the court haven't instilled a bunch of confidence that they know what they're doing. We were hoping to not have to pay attorney fees for this, since it is supposed to be "the easy part" of the process. Dan is going down to the court tomorrow, and if he can't get it straightened out, we're hiring one. I just want him to be ours, and I'm sick of fighting with people at every turn. We were given the wrong paperwork and now they are saying it will be December before we should expect a court date. That's more than a year after we got him home! Everyone keeps saying "no big deal, he's home with you," which is true for the most part, but there is other stuff. We can't get our tax credit until we finalize - HUGE chunk of money that we are counting on. And until we finalize and get that money back, it isn't feasible to consider the next adoption, which is clearly in my heart already.

So that's the update. Keep the prayers coming for my friend, Casey. She is improving steadily, and we're so happy for each update we get from her lovely family.


Anonymous said...

The girls were adorable in their outfits at the recital!!! Leave it to them to be the leaders...they did a great job and I didn't hear the boys cry once! And you are right about Dan, the kids are lucky to have such a wonderful father. Thinking of your friend and hoping for the best.

Love, Aunt Ang

Julie & Patrick said...

Daddy must have been so proud at the recital...that they would put a performance on especially for him :)

Wish I could go turtle hunting with you. It sounds fun.

We are hoping that Dan comes home with good news regarding Max's finalization today. Let's get'er done ;P

Julie R

nic said...

ok, so where did you get that photo of you and meagan as kids??!!!! :)

that's just so fricken frustrating about the adoption. seems like common sense. child needs loving parents and home. you are just that. perfect match. done. i'm sorry you have to go through that.

please keep updates for your friend...

Peter and Nancy said...

Happy Father's Day, Dan -- what a beautiful job you're doing with your children. I loved the cow conversation -- kids are so matter-of-fact about the funniest stuff. :o) I hope there's some good news about your court situation (and one that doesn't require legal counsel, for the sake of your next adoption budget).
Love from Max's buddy,
Anya Rashi & crew