Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pics of the Holidays

Our holidays are busy, but so fun. We gather at Grammy and Grampy's whenever all of the Labontes can be there - it is always so fun to see the 6 grandkids together. We wish we all lived closer so they could play more often.

Christmas Eve is at Nana, Papa Jim's and Papa Winnie's. The whole Coombs crew gathers for kiddo gift exchange and a fun Yankee swap for the adults. Again, the best part is all of the kids running around. I think there were 14 under the age of 18 this year.

Christmas morning is at our house (Nana, Papa Jim, Uncle Tom and Mimi joined us as well). Madeline was up at 4am! She was so excited this year about Santa. She informed us that there were 28 presents under the tree, but by the time Nana got there she had decided that there were "like over a hundred" under there. She was thrilled that Santa had eaten her cookies. From 4-6 she played with her fabulous Island Princess Vanity. She crashed for a bit at 6 (thank goodness).

In the afternoon we gather with the Finley side for another wild swap. This year we did recycled gifts which was quite entertaining. I forgot the camera for this gathering (Shocking, I know). The problem with this gathering is that it is at Aunt Darcy's house, which means we come home with lots of hand-me-down toys - thanks a lot Aunt Darcy ;o)

I am so very grateful that Max was home for Christmas. I know a lot of Moms were waiting for legals last year, and I cannot imagine how hard that must have been. When we got home, I just kept on saying that I didn't realize how stressed out I was until I wasn't anymore. This holiday was so very wonderful with our whole family together. Amen.

Barbie Island Princess was a big hit!

Myles is all outfitted with his new Helmet

I can't believe they held still long enough for this!

Some of the Coombs crew

Max and Bryell

Myles and Auriana

Grammie and Grampy

We tried to get all 6 of them. I'm hoping Missy's are better.

My boys - Being boys

Nana and her babies

They were playing "bedtime" and reading to each other :)


Emily said...

It looks like you had a great Christmas! Happy New Year!

Tara said...

I love the pics!!! Now that the holiday hussle is over we can get together :) I have been thinking of you guys often!!


Peter and Nancy said...

Merry Christmas, Labontes! I keep thinking of last year at this time, when we were still waiting to find out who our children were -- and now they're with us! Happy New Year,
-- Nancy

Amy and Clint said...

Max is a complete doll! So glad you had a good Christmas with him!