Saturday, December 8, 2007

Getting back to Normal

We're getting there. Max is doing better being out of my arms. As long as he can see me now he's fine; unless he's tired or hungry. We're able to get out of the house a little bit. I can't believe how well he fits into our family. I can't imagine our family without him now. It feels so very natural that of course he's here, he belongs to us, he's our son.
The kid eats like nothing I've ever seen. In the mornings I can't get a new bite on the spoon fast enough for him. He gets so angry when I can't keep up, and will throw his head back, often hitting it on the floor. Matri Sneha warned us about this thank goodness, because when he does it, he could easily throw himself out of someone's arms.
I love watching him play with Myles and Maddie. The more kids the better for him. He still finds anything Myles is playing with more interesting than whatever he is playing with. Myles is getting better. We've been making extra efforts to do things just with Myles whenever we can. Madeline is happy to be his little mother hen. It's so funny to listen to her lecture him on safety rules - the same ones she often "forgets" to follow :)
We cut his curls the other day. I was nervous about it, but it came out SO cute. He still has lots of curls up top. I think the clippers tickled him. He giggled about it, and wanted to see what Aunt Moo Moo was doing back there. After Meagan was done there were little tiny black circles of hair all over my floor.
So now the focus is on trying to get Christmas stuff done. We've got our tree up, but haven't even started shopping. It's concert / show season for Dan, so it's hard to find a time to go. I can't take all three kids since I have to shop for them, and because I hate shopping anyway and with three kids I may be pushed over the edge of sanity. I'm going to try to leave the two oldest with Dan this morning and get their shopping done quickly. Madeline is easy (all Island Princess Barbie products), and Myles we're just playing by ear. He's so easy going he'll be happy with whatever. Diego and rescuing animals seems like his main interest (other than guns which stressed me out until he told me that Pocohontas has guns in it - I was stressed about where he was gettnig all the gun stuff). He will not be getting guns, and Aunt Dawn - Madeline told me you were going to buy her Bratz stuff - it will be thrown away if you do :)
OK, enough rambling - bath time for Max. His first two were quite traumatic, but he has now discovered the fun of splashing!


Anonymous said...

I just want to set the record straight - the Bratz dolls, actually Maddie told me that if I bought them you wouldn't be able to throw them away. I never agreed to that! She can knit and do crafts with me - I promise! Maddie - stop getting me in trouble!
Love you all (can't believe you cut the curls)
Aunt Dawn

Anonymous said...

Max, we want to come see you, Maddie and Myles or you come see us. You're so cute!
Cameron and Carter

Peter and Nancy said...

Hello from Delhi! I just couldn't resist checking to see how you're all doing. Glad to see everyone is so well. :o) Only two more days until we meet Anya Rashi!
-- Nancy