Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Birthdays and adjusting

Winston Gerald Coombs meets Max Gerald Rup Labonte

Anyone who has been around me at all through this adoption is sick of hearing me say, "I just want him home for his birthday." Well, we did it. We got home the day before his birthday! So, as jet-lagged as we were, we felt obligated to recognize it in some way. Mom went out and bought a little cake just for him, which he was completely uninterested in, and my parents and sisters came over. It was nice to have him here, and worth all of the rushed planning we did.

I love my big sister!

As for rushed planning, I can't thank Adrienne enough (Celebrations Travel). Her amazing memory and description of each step we'd encounter made everything very predictable and nearly worry-free.
Yeah, she's gonna kill me in a few years, but how funny is this?

My stomach has finally recovered from the trip, and we're catching up on sleep. Max loves playing with his older siblings, and is already a big fan of stealing toys from Myles. Madeline loves being the mother hen, and is at an age where she actually is very helpful most of the time. Poor Myles is feeling pretty neglected. Max is jealous when I even touch the other two and insists on being held by me the VAST majority of the time. Whenever I'm more than a step or two away he cries out like he's in a panic until I pick him up to cuddle. I think I'm going to bring him over to Holly's once this week to get some play time with Emy and the others. I just feel really bad that he's losing out. He still wants to be cuddled and I haven't been able to like I would like.

Mimi and the kids snuggling down

We had Max's first Doctor's appointment. He just barely made the U.S. growth charts, but the Doctor found him to be very healthy and happy. At the end of the appointment he stated, "My professional medical opinion is that this is a gorgeous baby." That's why I love our Doc :)

Today was the first day I had all three of them alone and had to get Maddie off to school. It was very frustrating. We almost missed the bus, and Mommy had to yell a couple of times (Maddie doesn't listen well in the morning. NOT a morning person) but we made it.

Maddox and Max. My best friend's little guy. He's a week and a half younger than Max.

So, we're just plodding along, meeting new family members daily, and enjoying home.


Anonymous said...

Excellent pictures! Can't wait to see the ones in their "India Outfits".

Miss you all,
Love Aunt Dawn

Amanda said...

We too made it home the day before Ananya's birthday. Mean mommy put her hand in the cake. We are getting to know she is a bit of neat freak and likes to wipe off the table. Wonderful pictures.

Julie & Patrick said...

Glad to see you all made it home, safe and sound. Thanks for sharing your trip, especially the part where Max comes into the picture.

He is just as beautiful as I remembered from our brief meeting:)

Julie R

Amy and Clint said...

Glad to see that things are going well!

Tara said...

I love the pics. I can't wait to meet the little man!!

Heather said...

Hi Kristy,
I do not know if you remember me. I was a year ahead of you in High School, my name was Heather Keene. I was given your blog address to see the pictures of your new little guy. I wanted to tell you that he is so beautiful. I am very happy for you and your family.

Peter and Nancy said...

What a joy to see Max with his family! He is such a handsome little man -- and Myles and Maddie are adorable. I bet you're having fun watching the three of them together (as much fun as a tired, tired mommy can have, that is!).
-- Nancy

Anonymous said...

Too cute, hi to all, Elaine and Freedom

Aunt, Ang said...

I love that you have Maddie's and Myles birhtdays on here too. Love the pic of Max and Papa...he's too cute (both Papa and Max!)

Lots of Love, Aunt Ang