Wednesday, September 19, 2007

On a lighter note . . .

The other day we got a lovely surprise in the mail (not a moment too soon if you read my last post). A family picking up their daughter last month was able to take a video of Max. I wish I could post it, but it is way too complicated to convert it and such. It was amazing to see him reacting. He pulled himself up and was shaking the crib. He was so happy the whole time, a big old grin on his face. Maddie and Myles thought it was hilarious when the gentleman taping said he was reading already (he had a book in the crib with him). There's a moment when they take a photo with flash, and max thought the flash was pretty impressive. His expression was priceless. His stature is pretty clearly depicted in the video. The most accurate description I can give is "short and stout." He's got all this curly hair, and he's just amazing. We have watched the video more than I care to admit, and we can't get enough of it. . . especially Maddie and me.

Two of my "cyber adoption buddies" picked up their beautiful daughters yesterday. They were able to snap some really cute pics of Max and some of his friends. They also gave us a bit more insight into who he plays with over there. We were able to connect (again, via internet) with a few other families whose children share a crib with Max frequently. We hope that we will be traveling along with another family when the time comes - it would be amazing to have someone share the experience and may help the kiddos adjust.

So without further ado, our latest glimpse of Max. His hair is absolutely gorgeous. Although I'm not a fan of long hair on boys, I don't think Aunt Moo Moo will be touching those curls for a while.


Julie & Patrick said...


Max truly is adorable. His hair is very curly but not dark, at least not yet.

I am hoping you get to travel soon. It is an amazing moment when you get to see them in the flesh. Takes your breath away!


Kristi said...

Your son is so cute! I love his curls, I wouldn't be able to cut those off for a while either!! Thanks for sharing. :)
Kristi (Daya's mama)

The Labontes said...

Max is a little doll. Nana can't wait until she can give him a big hug. It is going to be so nice to have him home with his wonderful mom,dad,sister and brother. We are all going to love and spoil Max to pieces, just like we do all the other children in this family.

We love you Max!!!

Debbie Finley (nana) said...

Sorry, I posted under the Labontes about Max being a little doll. I meant to post as Nana.