Sunday, August 12, 2007

He's Standing Up!

It has been pretty exciting on the adoption front lately. Two of the women I've emailed regularly just got their legals, and will soon be planning their travel. Two families from our agency have recently picked up their children and are enjoying their new families. We know that our documents have been scrutinized by the courts on August 2nd. We are just waiting for the judge to approve and sign them.

I am worried because this judge's term ends soon, and we haven't heard whether he will stay or leave. If he leaves before signing our legals, it could delay us while a new judge has to learn the job. So I perseverate on this all of the time. We've gotten a bunch of recent pictures that reveal so much of his personality, that I really feel like we're missing out now. I've scheduled lots of work for the next few weeks for a couple of reasons . . . the extra cash will be nice, Dan is still on vacation, so the kids don't have to go to daycare, but mostly to just keep my mind off of this.

The family that is currently in India with their beautiful daughter sent us more amazing pictures of Max. Once again, I am so thankful that this family took time out of their precious journey to pass on these treasured photos. She also passed along this message:

"Rup has a huge smile and really bright eyes. . He melts your heart. He smiles easily and seems both energetic and laid back at the same time. He was playful, interactive and made good eye contact."
We have all been to the travel clinic for our vaccinations. We had a lovely Doctor named Dr. Goswami who is from India. She said she was jealous of our upcoming trip. Her best friend lives in Kolkata. When she found out Dan was a music teacher she told us that Kolkata is the music center of India and gave us a music history lesson. It was wonderful. She may have us bring some music back for her. Just another of the amazing people we've been connected with through this journey.
We had the chance to spend some time with Dan's brother and sister-in-law and their kiddos last week. We don't see them nearly often enough, and we had such a great time by the lake. They are very excited for us and have started putting together some stuff for Matri Sneha. I can't wait to introduce them to Max.

Off to a family reunion. It's a gorgeous day for it, and I'll show off all the new pics :)


Pam said...

Max is SUCH a cutie pie!!! Hurry up judge, the boy needs to come home!!!!

Emily said...

What a great smile!

Julie & Patrick said...

Energetic eyes! My goodness...he seems like he is the life of the party and he standing on those dancin' feet! The children are changing so fast now...time to go get em' ASAP!


To India, With Love, said...

What a little honey! I have everything crossed for great news from the courts very soon!

Kind regards,