Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Tee Ball and Storyland

Around here, we are getting ready to get the broilers "done in" and then I'm hoping to get the laying hens outside finally. The barn is a bit crowded with the hens, ducks and goats. Dan is thinking of getting a pig in the fall to roast at either the reunion or Maddie's birthday next year. I think it will depend on how much room we can create in the barn and what the cost will be to raise another critter. We are enjoying the lake, and went to Storyland last week. It drizzled all day, but that was perfect. There were no crowds and it was warm enough so the kids didn't care. It was a really great day. Maddie's favorite part was milking the pretend cow, and Myles loved the tractor ride. Oh, my little farmers.
Oh, and TEE BALL!! Auriana and Madeline play tee ball - sort of. They look cute in the uniforms. They hold hands on the way onto the field, and as balls go two inches to either side, and over their heads, they chat and play in the sand. Madeline follows the coaches around and tells them stories the whole game - we finally gave them permission to say "NO MORE TALKING." Myles cheers them on "Go Ball Go"

As for Max. . . We are still waiting for the courts. We don't have a time frame, we just wait until we get news. We are preparing for travel. We have appointments at the travel clinic next week, and we have been buying some supplies for the trip. We would like to start collecting donations for the orphanage. Max has everything he needs courtesy of his older brother, and a big loving family. Instead we would love it if folks would shop for things the orphanage needs. Crib sheets are number one on this list. They also need preemie bottles, onesies, blankets, and regular sized flat sheets. For more ideas, just ask us.

I know you all come here for Max pics. Another wonderful family is currently picking up their son and has sent us a number of pictures AND A VIDEO!! Max is wearing blue, and looks to be a little devil in the video. To view the video click on the blue "rup" at the end of the pics, and on that page click on the blue "movie." And here are the pics. The last one is a view of the room he is in including some of the amazing women who care for him until we are able to bring him home. I am in awe of these women who love so many babies and then have to say goodbye.


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